Student Brian S. owns 50% of his $5,600,000 Joint Venture with Wyndham Hotel.

Real Estate Development Mentoring - Certification Course Outline


The student learns Richard Michael Abraham's ‘value generator’ method to uncover ‘hidden’ real estate development demand in their local market and community (that every other developer has overlooked) and then assemble the market research and market analysis to prove this real estate development demand.


The student learns to complete the most comprehensive feasibility analysis and pro forma on any type of real estate development or land development and master how to put together every individual pro forma statement culminating in the income and cash flow statements, the internal rate of return, and structure of the joint venture - gaining credibility with joint venture investors.


The student learns the proven strategies of Richard Michael Abraham, techniques and methods on how to get investors calling you, how to negotiate with them and how to get these joint venture investors to join you and provide 100% of the joint venture equity capital funding required.

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