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Project Based

Learn by doing and convert your knowledge and new skills into a 10%-25% "sweat equity" Joint Venture ownership without investing any of your own capital.


Receive One-On-One, individual mentoring from Richard Michael Abraham - see Student Projects.


Completion of the Course leads to C-RED Certification - the mark of prestigious distinction that opens many doors.

Nuts & Bolts

The REDI Method provides proven, know-how, and the experience of the presidents of 300 leading United States real estate development firms and Richard Michael Abraham - so that you can put together a ‘real’ development during the 6-month Course.

No College or University Theory Course
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"I have developed a 24-unit apartment project in San Diego and all investor, joint venture partners are so excited. Richard Michael Abraham’s knowledge and mentoring I would argue guarantees success. I didn’t know how to penetrate the market without capital. This course has helped me overcome that hurdle.I now have the confidence and expertise to focus on real estate development for my own income and equity growth.” Tim W.

“I’ve identified a 67-acre tract for residential development for $350,000 priced homes. I completed the first development section of 64 single family lots in this project in Conroe, Texas. I paid off the development loan of $2.6 Million. There remains twenty acres for the final section with the builder contract to deliver 58 lots. This is a $12,000,000 project. The hands-on approach with mentoring by a world-class developer, Richard Michael Abraham, provides a level of education unlike any other program. It is a cut well above ULI or CCIM courses I’ve taken.” Marjorie C.

My first development project after the REDI Course was a 170-unit residential community. I had no prior real estate development experience before enrolling in The REDI Foundation’s Course/Program and knew this would be a big challenge for me. The Course really pushed me outside of my comfort zone and expanded my potential. Having a one-on-one mentor by my side gave me the confidence to start my first deal. I am now developing a 258-unit condominium with a total sell out of $42,000,000 and a 91-unit condominium with a total sell out of $15,000,000. Since graduating Richard Michael Abraham’s one-on-one Mentoring Course six years ago, my net worth has increased from just thousands of dollars to $6,000,000 not including these two new condominium developments.” Mike T.

"Since graduating the Real Estate Development Course of Richard Michael Abraham, and working as a Joint Venture Real Estate Developer part time, I am developing a parcel of land outside of Denver. As taught, I did not need to invest any of my own capital. I raised $450,000 from a Joint Venture investor to purchase the land. Using the skills taught with the private Mentoring of Richard Michael Abraham, I negotiated a Joint Venture hotel development with Wyndham. Financing and Construction is completed. The total value of this Wyndham project is $5,600,000 and I own 50%. And my remaining land is now valued at $2,000,000." Brian S.

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