To My Students,

trying hard is not enough


People will commend you for trying hard because all of us want to see a spirit that's alive in people we know or love. We say, "Good try, you tried hard, you did your best." And we mean it.

But in our World, along the many roads of hopelessness, we know how many fall between the cracks and never recover.

I have tried hard all my life and early on found out that trying hard just was not enough.

Succeeding is the only decisive win.

And, I came to know that trying hard meant nothing other than a pat on the back.

I knew I would need to reach deeper and fight harder. And I did and still do.

Every day, ask yourself, "Are you trying your best and trying hard or are you trying to succeed."

© Richard Michael Abraham

archetype of reality


Very few people know what road to take in life. Many wander unknowingly.

Many do not understand nature and therefore cannot fit properly into this World and make no difference in this World.

The Archetype of Realty represents a tight bundle of doctrines that combine potential, nature, experiences and vision.

What you do with your life, what you do each day, what you do with each hello or goodbye, everything you do and all you interact with, is understood and explained through your Archetype of Reality.

Wanting to be successful means nothing. Wanting to be loved means nothing.

The Archetype of Reality decides everything you get or do not get in your life until the day you die - and will change your existence and paradigm.

© Richard Michael Abraham


Where does the passion – the oil of the soul emanate?

Did you ever find yourself in a situation when you did not hear from someone you loved at the very moment you were expecting his or her call?

Suddenly, you felt terrified something went wrong and each moment you wait – feels like forever.

The passion of your anxiety turns moments into seemingly endless time.

You expected that call from your loved one to tell you he/she arrived safely at their destination.

Passion for someone and fear of loss can turn moments into hours.

Every day you struggle with the challenges of life – ask, “Is someone out there working harder than me?”

Then, think of those you love.

They are depending on you.

And face the fear of not providing for them.

This passion and fear will keep you driving quickly and successfully to your stated objectives. Few will work harder and with more passion than you because you will turn minutes of study into hours of learning. You will transcend time.

Passion, to work hard in this Course, or in life, represents the difference between success and failure.

Passion means doing every Assignment with enthusiasm, every Section Exam, a professional Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study, the Certification Exam and collecting a minimum of 200 local investor or co-developers for your blitz campaign in Section 4 and putting together a “real” joint venture real estate development. Passion gets you there!

© Richard Michael Abraham


People are struggling to make $10-$50/hour. Many are working two jobs. Times are tough if you’re not in the inside.

Most just get by with nothing left over for some fun or savings. Wages remain low and real prosperity or security. You have no control over your future.

Most are saddled because they have no options. And every day is the same. Work and just get by, no savings, no money, no excitement – just the same old hum drum.

Do you think any of these people would do the hard work of a new, emerging real estate developer if they had a 50%/50% chance of earning $1,000,000 in equity on their first try at real estate development joint ventures.

I bet 99.9% would not even try.

They would instead opt to try a less demanding “Get Rich Quick Scheme.”

How long does it take the average person to amass an additional net worth of $1,000,000 – it can take years and years. For many, it can take a lifetime.

What is the hard way in this Real Estate Development Program? Well, you need to do all the Assignments, one by one, to master the subject. You need to complete the three Section exams and the Certification exam.

And you need to uncover a hidden real estate development demand that’s a doable and feasible project that investors would love. And you need to let me guide you each step of the way.

Now, if it’s a $10,000,000 project and you earn 10% of the equity (or $1,000,000 in equity) and own a 10% interest in the profits and/or cash flow, well, there’s your $1,000,000 sweat equity and it took six months of your life, 60 hours per month, and it was hard.

But is it harder than working for the man, having no control over your future or your future income, never getting ahead, just getting by, living from day to day – taking a lot of abuse from your superiors. To me, that’s hard work.

So, help yourself succeed. Work hard in this Course. Think of it this way – there are no easy ways to get wealthy.

But if you do all the hard work in this Course and put together a stellar joint venture, there’s a very good probability you’ll get it off the ground on your first try. Better still, there’s an 80% probability you’ll meet a number of investors who will marvel at your Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Course project and who will be waiting in the wings for your next project. And as I’ve said before, once you work hard and learn these skills, these rare skills become yours for lifetime.

I am asking you to step up your game and MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS THE HARD WAY starting with this 6-Month Mentoring Program. Make your Nest Egg starting now. Show me that you’re ready to break through into the big leagues by emailing me EVERY week with your assignments on schedule.

© Richard Michael Abraham


The breaking point takes place the moment anyone decides to capitulate.

The breaking point can take place after you've already overcome five other breaking points, or 20 other breaking points, but at a moment in time, the final breaking point is the one that causes you to give up.

Everyone has a different threshold.

But for some, they never experience the final breaking point. They are undefeatable.


Because they know in their hearts, their spirits, their very essence that once they let go or start falling, they just keep falling. When the mind gives up - it's often over.

Every day, no matter how many breaking points surface in your life - take a deep breath, take a walk, take a trip or vacation and come back fighting with unyielding determination.

The challenging (but life-changing) expectations of this Course rise to the level of a breaking point. Hardworking students experience a life-changing paradigm shift.

The REDI Real Estate Development Mentoring - Certification Course will put you face to face with the breaking point. All of our graduates smash through this breaking point and feel different, stronger, and pursue a new, positive, decisive and proactive life trajectory.

© Richard Michael Abraham


Ask any successful real estate developer why they are successful and they are sure to mention the word conviction.

90% of the people in this World lack conviction. Deep inside, they do not believe in themselves.

As my student, I want you to adopt conviction as your new mantra.

Opportunities abound in real estate development.

Investors are salivating for higher returns than 5%-6% cap rates in real estate investments.

Your carefully chosen real estate development Course project can offer investors 40%-50% IRR with the financial structuring Joint Venture methods taught in Course Section 3.

Investors will want to be a part of your hard asset real estate development investments.

The difference between a successful profession as a Real Estate Developer and someone who just dreams about success comes down to one word. Conviction!  Yes, you will need to work hard in this Course but Conviction will lead the way.

Get convicted for your belief in yourself and earn your 10%-25% Sweat Equity in a $5,000,000-$25,000,000 development. That can be $500,000 - $2,500,000 in sweat equity for you by working hard in this Course.

Get convicted for believing and working hard for just six months.

© Richard Michael Abraham


On the beautiful coastline of Florida, Highway A1A, there’s a charming little town. Driving into this town for the first time, you’d think you were in the south of France on the Mediterranean Sea.

An elderly man from southern France trying to make a living invested $300,000 to open a beautiful Crepe restaurant.

Often, when I’m in the area, I’ll see him standing outside his empty eatery looking puzzled and terrified because nobody comes to his restaurant.

Next door is a Sports Bar and it’s filled with people all the time – Next to that are several booming fast food restaurants.

This elderly man invested his nest egg into this Crepe restaurant because his eyes tricked him. He too, saw an ocean-side town similar to and reminiscent of south France.

That possibly amounted to the only market research he did. He saw the seaside part of town and thought, this is just like the south of France, and he enjoyed a skill (Crepes) and he must have thought, “How can I go wrong, it’s a natural for me.”

What he did not do is drive and do market research in the entire town.

In Florida along the coast, a town starts at the ocean edge and then goes inland 5-10 miles. The ocean side is called the east, then there’s the central and western part of the town.

Now a Crepe restaurant offers delicacies that generally appeal to upscale tourists and travelers and people interested in quality and more expensive treats.

But when you drive through the central and western parts of this town, just a few miles west, you quickly see it’s an under-served town, sort of a rough and tumble town. The people who come to the beach area are not tourists but the local residents.

And they never had, nor will they pay for Crepes.

$300,000 could be the last of this elderly man’s savings. It’s tragic to see this. His intentions were good.

Had he driven the entire town, surely he would have noticed that the charming east beach area did not mimic the real, local populace.

As future successful real estate developers, as you search for hidden real estate development Market DEMAND, though I teach you to use your senses and the Value Generator method, I also teach you to NOT BE tricked by your senses.

And the answer to that is doing your due diligence Market Research and Analysis to ensure that any gut instincts you get are fully vetted and tested.

Shooting from the hip based on instincts generally is a dangerous way to do Real Estate Development Market Research and Analysis. Sitting in an office brainstorming for real estate development demand is pointless and a costly mistake. Trying to fit a square into a circle never works.

Never pre-determine a DEMAND.  Always discover it through Research and Analysis using the Value Generator method.

The Value Generator is like a deep dark cavern. You need to explore the entire cavern before you get a handle on where the cavern goes, twists and turns, crevices, and before you can be certain of you initial instincts.

At first, the Value Generator opens your eyes. But then, as happened to this elderly man, the eyes can deceive you. The eyes can see what they want to see.

You must train your eyes, ears, and senses to comprehend what really exists when searching for undiscovered real estate development demand.

© Richard Michael Abraham


The stick built house starts at the foundation, then the framing and closure of the walls and roof installation and then the craftsmanship building out the interior. It’s a closed box working from inside.

The concrete high rise is built on pilings and foundation and each floor, starting with the first floor is replicated one on top of each other. It’s an open box working from the outside.

As you know, countless theory courses offer education and then trial and error.

Many failed real estate developers make deadly mistakes in their first development and never get a chance to develop again.

The course I wrote puts you in the real world with the objective of learning but knowing how to put together a development with a masterful Market Analysis/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study. You’ve seen the final Course projects of students.

But, my course takes hard work and motivation and discipline. Yet, every student who painstakingly did all the assignments, section exams, and Certification exam created a masterful Market Analysis/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study and Course Project goes through a Paradigm shift.

But, it takes your hard work and my mentoring to perfect your work and skill.

And students, who plow through the Course work day-by-day, week-by-week, almost always, get a course development that’s doable, in demand and feasible.

And it’s the skill learned that is most important.

Like the musician who practices and one day succeeds; like the athlete who practices and one day succeeds; like the first time developer who does all of the course work and one day succeeds.

All of the success stories in life need to pay their dues.

You cannot build a house without first the foundation and framing and you cannot build a high rise from the top down. You need to follow the unique blueprint. The blueprint of this Course is the Course Materials, Assignments, Mentoring coupled wit the student’s hard work, motivation and determination.

© Richard Michael Abraham


My students have all heard that 20% of the World’s people do 80% of the World’s Business Transactions.

The other 80% do not even get into the game.

What makes them win – I call the X-Factor.

What is the X-Factor? In simple terms, those who possess the X-Factor believe in themselves and never quit no matter what the odds are against achieving success.

Why do 20% possess the X-Factor and 80% do not?

It involves belief and conviction in yourself. When things get tough, students with the X-Factor get tougher.

In my life, I have been knocked to the canvass many, many times. There were many times I thought no way can I beat the odds facing me. So many times, the easy road seemed to just quit.

When I was younger, before marriage and my children, I did quit on myself a number of times. I did not believe in myself.

But once married and as my children started coming, I saw instantly that they were completely dependent on me – if I failed – they would live a life in the shadow of my failure.

And so, I was not an X-Factor person as a youngster because I did not believe in or myself enough.

But I could not let my wife and children down.

And I changed and became a fierce soulful warrior.

Students who have or gain this X-Factor do extraordinary Course work and developments. They make time to do serious study, assignments, and fieldwork every week and follow my One-One-One Mentoring – for six months. Their lives change and they become successful real estate developers.

Find out what makes you run. There is no more security in this World. Control your future. Embrace your X-Factor.

© Richard Michael Abraham


Every day, thousands of people across the World buy a property or site with their dream to develop the land or property.

And when asked at gatherings or parties what they do for a living, they answer, “I’m a real estate developer.”

By the time they close on the purchase, numerous development ideas swirled through their head and they’ve narrowed it down to possibly an apartment building or a strip mall.

And about 90% of these developments never get built and of the 10% that do get built, 70%-80% fail.

What is missing in the picture? They did not use a method like the “Value Generator” to identify a hidden complimentary development in demand; they did no market research or market analysis to determine the depth and scope of the demand; they did not define the likes and dislikes of the target or user market demand; they did no research on price or leasing points; they had no calibration on market absorption or sales and leasing projections; they had no reasonably accurate development and construction costing estimates; they did no financial feasibility study.

Essentially, they did not do their due diligence – they just dreamed.

Now, ask yourself, simply based on the work you’re doing in this Course, can you begin to see why you’re now in a much better position to find and develop a successful real estate development project?

Motivation becomes alive and well when a person truly believes what they’re doing will lead to something successful.

And so, ask yourself, if today and every day, thousands of people across the World buy a property or site with absolutely no systematic and proven approach for developing, and some of them still succeed, shouldn’t you feel a huge advantage?

Matter of fact, sometimes the hardest part is convincing yourself that you “are worthy of success.” Did you know that many people do not believe they were meant to succeed and so they accept mediocrity?

So just tell yourself this day, “Well, I’m learning what, where, when and how to develop real estate, and I must now override any inherent doubts.”

This is not blind faith. That is preparation as my student. There are no dreamers here.

No matter how hard it gets, studying hard to become a successful developer is so much cooler than trying to figure out life or your place in this World.  Now is the time to find and nurture your future and new occupational skills as a Real Estate Developer.

© Richard Michael Abraham


In your minds-eye, take a walk through your real estate development Vision.

Stop and look at what you are developing or about to develop or you’re thinking of developing.

How does it feel to envision your development and then pursue your dream? How does it feel to wake up with hope? How does it feel to know the impossible is possible?

Your success will always come down to the power and driving force of your Vision and your determination to make it come true.

It’s your Vision that gets you through, gets you over challenges and hurdles.

Real estate developers are first and foremost visionaries and creators, dreamers who push forward diving deep, and deeper into their Vision until it’s a reality.

Now, when your Vision weakens or disappears, so too does your quest come to a halt. In this Course, if your vision to become a developer falters then your dreams fade – when your dreams fade, it’s hard to focus on your studies.

You are on your journey. You can always give up and go backwards to the job – to the security – to the insecurity – to the ordinary but this time – reach out, grab hold of your Vision and never let go.

Going backwards – the easy choice represents the way down, a downward spiral very steep, unkind, unfriendly, and lonely - leading nowhere.

Wake up tomorrow and seekout, set your aim true directly towards your Vision.

Eyes bright, heart determined, and mind alert, achieve your Vision – no matter how many times you stumble or fall trying.

Your Vision is the light leading to your future.

© Richard Michael Abraham


The first objective I teach you - discover the real estate development demand in your market area. And then, define the development demand with specificity such as 50 apartment units, 20 1-Bedrooms of 800 square feet, and 30 2-Bedrooms of 1,200 square feet, rental range price points, amenities, target market, etc.

Now, let’s utilize an analogy.

The Steam Shovel can move tons of earth with ease so long as the terrain is level and wide open.  The Steam Shovel is the broad-brush – the general movement – the potential real estate development opportunity.

But, watch the Bobcat go. The Bobcat moves lighting fast and gets into all the nooks and crannies of the potential development concept.

When it comes to the detailed market research and analysis work, the Steam Shovel needs to be sidelined - here comes the Bobcat to polish off the job of moving the earth – shaping and grading the land and real estate development edges.

When you use the value generator method to discover the complimentary development in demand, you’re using the Steam Shovel – the broad-brush stroke.

But it’s the Bobcat, coupled with extensive market research and analysis that decides all the defining detail work of your Course Development, right down to the doorknobs.

Can’t develop land or property with just a Steam Shovel - Need a Bobcat to define the actual product i.e. luxury condominiums, moderately priced apartment units, executive commercial office space, etc.

So, when you decide on your Course Development, you’re doing the work of the Steam Shovel – studied but still a general and potential development concept.

When you describe your Course Development with details and specifics, you’re doing the detailed market research and analysis work of the Bobcat.

Make sure your Steam Shovel is working correctly to uncover the “real” development market demand.

Then, devote your time to riding your Bobcat to shape your Course Development concept – layered with all the specific details.

The Bobcat – The Details – The Difference – The In-Depth Real Estate Development Market Research and Analysis - The Successful Real Estate Development.

© Richard Michael Abraham


You will wake up in five years somewhere. How do you want that somewhere to look?

Many in business will get beaten up today and sadly, relive it tomorrow, agonizing about what they did wrong, what they didn't do, what they should have said. It's okay to reflect, but remember the lesson to be learned:

SOME WILL, SOME WON'T, SO WHAT, NEXT!!!Some business transactions will go well and some will not. But, adopt this attitude:

"So what, next!!!

Instead of fretting over a lost business transaction - wake up tomorrow, smile, and prepare for your next successful accomplishment. Pick yourself up, dust off, renew your positive ‘can do’ spirit.

Then, down the road a ways you'll reach the somewhere you should be.

What will that somewhere look like?

It will look like the very best you could do, and it will be a somewhere much better than the alternatives.In troubling times, shake off a bad day - ready yourself for tomorrow. It’s a battle between you and yourself.

Not every real estate development will come to fruition. But keep trying and the next one, or the one after that, will put you on the path to success.

© Richard Michael Abraham

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