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Land & Property Owners • Architects • Business Owners (in all fields) • Civil Engineers • Entrepreneurs • Construction Project Managers • General Contractors • Real Estate Attorneys • Acquisition Executives • Commercial Brokers • Doctors and Others Seeking New Careers


REDI’s tuition includes REDI membership, 800-pages of step-by-step Course Materials, (4 Printed Course Sections), weekly articles and updates, C-RED Certification Exam and private, One-On-One mentoring from Richard Michael Abraham - tailored to the individual needs of the accepted student.

Richard Michael Abraham’s Course, One-On-One Mentoring, & C-RED Certification Exam. $19,000

Richard Michael Abraham’s Course (as Self Study), & C-RED Certification Exam. $2,900

To Apply for either the Mentoring Course or the comprehensive, step-by-step Self Study, first, Read the Course Details, Student Projects, etc.

Then, to Apply, call 617-235-7244 to speak to a REDI staff member.

Student Brian S. owns 50% of his $5,600,000 Joint Venture With Wyndham Hotel.

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