Student Testimonials

“…What makes The REDI Foundation C-RED Real Estate Development Mentoring Course so special is that the Course is grounded in real-world experience and the lessons-learned by an elite real estate developer. The Course is more than a group of rote lessons taught by an academic with no experience – it is Mr. Abraham’s effort to leave nothing behind and pass on the knowledge he acquired over the course of decades in the business to his students. That is unmistakable and leaps of the pages of the Course Materials as well as in the feedback you receive as his student. Nothing is sugar-coated, and the Course’s foundation is real-world experience in all aspects of the development business – Richard Michael Abraham teaches us everything we’ll ever need to know but also provides his students with a map to help navigate the encounters we’ll have on the way and the macroeconomic environment in which we will operate. The one-on-one Mentoring goes beyond the Course Materials – the detailed analysis of our Course projects pushes us beyond our limits to excellence, to our highest potential so we can have a "real" successful project. Furthermore, Richie as we call him takes an interest in the big picture as it applies to his students’ lives – this advice from a person who’s seen it all is invaluable…”Bob J.

"With The REDI Foundation's Real Estate Development Mentoring - Certification Course, you get one-on-one mentorship from Richard Michael Abraham, an incredibly successful man. Let that sink in for a minute, and think about what “one-on-one mentorship” really implies.  I’ve attended some of the best universities in America, and I was never given one-on-one access. In fact in a couple of my courses specifically on real-estate development, my instructors deferred even answering specific questions on projects I was evaluating.  To receive one-on-one mentorship from an accomplished developer really is priceless. This course is the true NUTS and BOLTS of what successful real-estate developers do and it absolutely delivers. Before learning about this course, I was looking into courses on real estate development from leading universities.  Ultimately, I decided that another degree was not NEARLY as valuable as one-on-one mentoring. The combined effect of the reading materials, assignments and exams, mentoring, and real-life examples make the course an invaluable and must have experience for serious individuals."  Ryan N.
"...Sun Tzu wrote "The Art of War" and westerners have translated it into “The Art of Business.” For decades I have sought out the best minds in history to learn from. It was no mistake my finding you, Richard Michael Abraham. But, it is an enormous privilege for me to be your student. You already have and are infusing your decades of knowledge, wisdom, and experience into me. My entire life has changed...” Peter S.
"...Since earning my C-RED Certification, a strange sequence of events has occurred and landed me working for a large developer. I have a great relationship with the owner and I'm getting some great exposure. All of the executives are impressed with my real estate development knowledge. None of them could believe how I knew as much as I did about development because I don't have their a wall college degrees. With my construction experience and the development knowledge you've taught me, these highly educated developers are coming to me for answers. No worries though; as I'm never letting go of that thread of hope to develop my own project. All of the stars are lining up for me. Richie, thank you so much - I will keep you posted..." James D.
“…I am currently working on my hospitality development in Dubai UAE to care for families visiting from the neighboring countries. The project is entirely designed to solve the problems that these families face when in Dubai and to cater for their needs. The REDI Course and Mr. Abraham as my private Mentor was a great opportunity and a wonderful experience. The REDI Foundation Course has given me the opportunity to re-think the market in terms of product type and timing; The Mentoring approach of Richard Michael Abraham is straight forward, uplifting and a real eye opener…” Ahmad K.
“…I am developing two projects in Costa Rica, a 24 unit apartment building and a 170 home subdivision valued at $20,000,000. Both parcels are under agreement, financing is set and construction is soon to be underway. The REDI Foundation’s 6-Month Mentoring Real Estate Development Certification is the only practical, hands- on development Course available in the World. I am oriented on practice, and not theory, and Richard Michael Abraham puts dedication and passion into it. Having Mr. Abraham by your side and as your mentor is invaluable, and learning from him personally is priceless...” Mike T.
“…My Joint Venture Development project to build a 79,000 sq. ft. luxury Condominium building in Lower Manhattan will include a ground floor restaurant, with a spa and gym on the upper floors. The roof will include a garden, deck and bar.  We will be designing and building the project to be LEED Certified and will include a number of Eco Luxury features throughout. Were it not for the REDI Program and the incomparable Mentoring of Richard Michael Abraham, we would never have been able to participate in a project of this scale... “ Robert P.
"...I cannot express how much I appreciate the quality of REDI's Course materials, availability of samples and access to Richard Michael Abraham's Mentoring wisdom and guidance. My goal is $5,000,000 in developments per year for five years! REDI's Program is so much more effective than the ULI and CCIM courses that I’ve attended previously..." Marjorie C.
"...Richard Michael Abraham is there when you need him. He goes out of his way to provide guidance, and additional private Mentoring assistance when needed. His caring guidance was critical to helping me hone and master specific aspects needed for my $24,000,000 retail development Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study. Mr. Abraham doesn’t just review your work as a professor would, he reviews your Assignments as an investor would and gives you private, step-by-step Mentoring to perfect your work..." Steven O.
“…REDI’s Course is hands-on, practical and culminated in my actual $12,000,000 development as opposed to merely theory or University classroom graduate programs. I’ve had the privilege of getting an MBA from one of the top business schools out there, consulting Fortune 500 companies, and having lunch with Warren Buffett. But I have to admit with Mr. Abraham as my mentor, I have obtained the most practical and invaluable hands-on education than I’ve ever received in my life.." Mark B.
“…As a former entertainment lawyer in the film and television industry, I have been involved in production and finance and responsible for numerous multi-million dollar projects. So, when an opportunity arose to become involved in developing a magnificent 40-acre lakeside country property, I believed I could do it. I floundered for years. By a stroke of good fortune, I found The REDI Foundation’s Mentoring Program and it has been life changing for me. In just 6 short months, under the wise and experienced guidance of my mentor, Mr. Richard Michael Abraham, I am now proceeding with this development. Mr. Abraham set himself the seemingly impossible task of transmitting to his lucky selected students the hard won knowledge, education, experience and skills that he himself honed over the span of an entire career – and he did it for me and is doing it for students around the World…” Deborah M.
"…Success as a real estate developer is a RARE GEM and Mr. Abraham pushes you to shine. As much work as you put in, he will tell you, equals the result that you will get out. And, he will definitely push you to go above and beyond what you consider to be your best. With an extensive background in Chemistry, Art and Mathematics from Temple University, I still did not FEEL FULFILLED…until I enrolled into the REDI Foundation’s Real Estate Development Certification Program. Imagine having someone that’s like a friend of the family, a close friend of the family who wants to passionately and wholeheartedly see you succeed as a real estate developer, fulfilling your visions…Richard Michael Abraham. Imagine having a life coach that passionately wants to see you succeed…Richard Michael Abraham. And the icing on the cake - to have someone teach you PRINCIPLES that most people wouldn’t even learn in a lifetime…Richard Michael Abraham…” Todd R.
“…I'm working in partnership with a private-public real estate and land development agency in N'Djamena, Chad. The development is a 5-year affordable single-family home project divided in several portions on 408 acres. I just got a 20 home building contract as a test to show my capability. The successful result from this test will allow me to be qualified to get a renewable bigger contract throughout the program performance. Based on my knowledge learned from the 6-month online REDI Foundation course, and especially the one-on-one mentoring with Richard Michael Abraham; that cannot be obtained from any book or any other program, I am confident about my qualification. And also, I'm very proud of my conversion because, I'm able to discuss real estate development matters with people of any level from a local or global perspective today. I thank and owe this all to Richard Michael Abraham...” Abdou A.
"I want to be visionary and convert raw land into high income producing property. I have been involved in construction and real estate for 15 years and now I want to pave my future in the real estate development business. This Course is like having a completely un-biased pro working right with you side by side. Mr. Abraham’s personal touch helps increase confidence and give you the sense that you have an ally ready to help. Mr. Abraham’s knowledge and mentoring I would argue guarantees success." Tim W.
“…The REDI Foundation’s 6-Month Mentoring Real Estate Development Certification Course feels like an apprenticeship jammed with information beyond a 2-year masters program.  I reviewed a lot of other programs and REDI’s Course/Program is the most comprehensive...” Susan N.
“...One of the valuable features of the Course was the concept of seeking out a Value Generator and then applying the Course principles offered to understand feasibility and potential profitability of a real estate development. As a result, our company decided to develop a mixed-use project on the site…” Jonathan G.
“…Mr. Abraham’s style of mentoring is like a parent perspective where he wants and gives only the best to his student/children. His mentoring for me has been very inspirational as well as honest and straight forward. His teachings in Real Estate Development are priceless and a "Gem" in itself. There are no mentors in today's world that will share this type of knowledge, experience and wisdom for their students. I don't think there will be one ever to replace him…” James D.
“…The REDI Foundation's Mentoring course has taught me proven, successful methods to developing real estate that I can use throughout my career. I have been a Real Estate Practitioner for over 25 years. In the past I had ideas for potential real estate developments, however, I did not understand the process of Market Analysis, Financial Feasibility and Joint Venture Structuring. And now, with the personal one-on-one mentoring of Mr. Richard Michael Abraham and his hands on, project based approach and his dedicated mentoring, he has helped me tremendously and immeasurably. I have developed the skills needed to put together a real, doable, in demand and feasible real estate development project....” Gwen W.
“…I was considering acquiring a $300,000 Franchise when a friend told me about The REDI Foundation. I applied and thankfully gained acceptance. Between the incomparable step-by-step 800-pages of Course Materials in four printed sections, but more importantly Richard Michael Abraham’s mentoring every step of the way, I developed my first apartment building. For a very modest tuition (compared to the value I received), I now have an occupation as a real estate developer. Incredible Course…” Alan F.
"...Personal and Private Mentoring - that's what I received from Mr. Abraham for six months and he never let me give up. Now, I have a development on land I've owned for fifteen years..." Jay K.
 “…The REDI Foundation has a worldwide reputation for being very a effective Course, it’s the knowledge with the experience together in a six month format. I wanted to learn fast but also be able to really put it all to work and Mr. Abraham is the best Mentor anyone could ask for...” Dave G.
“…Having Mr. Abraham as a private mentor was more than I could have ever expected. The wisdom, knowledge, and passion he shares gave me hope when there was no hope. You could not put a price on having Mr. Abraham as a private mentor. He is truly a unique and one of kind person and I am so grateful for his guidance. I am forever in his debt and will do everything possible to become a Successful Real Estate Developer to make sure that Mr. Abraham’s time with me was well spent…” Patrick I.                                                                                                  

"...In a world of secrecy and mystery, the REDI Foundation has helped lift the veil. One of the biggest hurdles in my pursuit of Real Estate Development was the mystery of the financials and feasibility. It is impossible to find someone who is both successful and willing to show you the inner workings of development deals. This information is often viewed as trade secrets. As a result my understanding of real financials and feasibility, and more specifically IRR returns for investors has now allowed me to demonstrate credibility to investors..." Tim K.

“Your writing Richie is really such a pleasure to read. I love the balance of practical knowhow combined with case studies, personal accounts and character development. It's a rare to find someone who gets how important it all is, and interrelated - let alone who can actually teach others! I enjoy in particular your vulnerability in the moments when you were facing a new challenge - and fought through it. This is so relatable, and I think encourages all your students to do the same thing. Most people either never face their fears, or buckle. You demonstrate how there is another path, a path less chosen, and the possibility of all dreams being made real by meeting challenges head on. You're a gem Richie and it makes sense that you developed this Course, as the passion overflows from you heart - and there isn't much taught in Universities for this profession - a few scattered Masters Courses or lower level certificates, but nothing focused and comprehensive and containing a secret key and methodology underpinning all the knowledge being taught. Really grateful that I stumbled across your Course. Luck, coincidence, blessing, whatever. I am feeling very grateful at this moment.” Aaron G.


“…Many have plied you with tales about development being their lifelong dream, ambition and other sentiments of a similar chord. I am not one of them. What I want is to be master at development. I pursued a masters degree in Real Estate development at NYU. This started last September. But after finishing my first semester, I’m began to seriously doubt whether the money invested is worth the knowledge imparted. Learning how to become an employee is not part of the re-inventing myself plan. I love the built environment. I love creating things. I love to be a part of things bigger than me and which will outlive me. What I am going to do with the rest of my life is clear: build on the skills I already have and find the skills that I need to have in order to become a word class developer. I know how to build structures, I know how to read, design and value engineer a design. I know contract documents, how to evaluate contractors, pay contractors, develop and manage budgets. But I don’t know how to develop, package and sell a development idea. That is why I applied to the REDI Foundation – and I have been accepted. Thank you Richard Michael Abraham for giving me this opportunity…” Stephen A.
"...The C-RED Real Estate Development Mentoring – Certification Program is more of a journey than a Course. You’re immediately shot into real world application and relentlessly driven throughout the 6-Month Program towards putting together a real world real estate development. The unique learning Course Materials drawn from Richard Michael Abraham’s lifetime of successful development experience, are laser focused towards successful application and infused with the highest reaching energy of personal achievement. Richie, as mentor and guiding force, is relentless in his dedication to his students and his personal commitment to their ultimate financial success. He is demanding and exacting but constantly encouraging.  When deserved, he is generous with his praise. There are very few Courses that have the possibility of changing your life and financial future. I’ve come to believe through experience that this is one of those Courses..." Greg J.
“…I have put together the Sky Hyde development. This is a signature development appealing to the upper income executives of the Sandton Central Business District, South Africa.  My success would certainly never have been possible without the Mentoring of Richard Michael Abraham and the Course/Program offered by the REDI Foundation. My development is a realization of my childhood dream...” Scott M.
“…I’m an architect and now developer, and I’ve created a 52-unit Apartment project in Steamboat Springs, Colorado that seeks to make the existing model of energy code-compliant multi-family housing obsolete.  The project I’m working on developing is a feasible, market rate, Net Zero Energy building, using renewable energy systems that replaces the need to burn fossil fuel.  I’m using the REDI Real Estate Development education to usher in Net Zero Energy Building construction to the Multi-Family industry.  The unparalleled guidance, knowledge and support from Richard Michael Abraham, my Mentor and the founder of the REDI Organization, has enabled me to showcase my doable and profitable project... “ Jeff P.
“…I am currently working on a high-rise housing project. It’s in the final building clearance stage and site development underway. The project is based in Agra, the city of Taj Mahal, with a development potential of about a million square feet. It is a very studied project designed to facilitate a lifestyle, focused on creating a niche in the market as “affordable premium houses” i.e. apartments that are not expensive but entitle you to a very premium lifestyle, catering to the market of upper middle-class of Agra district and surrounding areas. REDI offers the best real estate development course I am aware of and really teaches you the substance of real estate development. Its founder Richard Michael Abraham is a very ethical, down to earth person who can answer even the most complex real estate development problems with utmost ease. I am lucky to have been mentored by him...” Nandini G.
“…The project we chose to develop in Canada is a 68 unit, 4 story condo project in a growing city center. The development caters to the young professional in the area with direct access to transportation, stores and entertainment. The development will offer a unique community environment by having the only private community garden in the area where residents can grow their own plants and vegetables and also offer other amenities like common room, work out room and a guest suite. The REDI foundation offers a one of a kind nuts and bolts course where you learn how to put together a feasible, doable in demand joint venture development project pure and simple. Mr. Abraham shares his development passion thru his teachings and private Mentoring support throughout the course and is the reason we have the knowledge and confidence to pursue our development with real investors...” Ernesto A.
“…The REDI Foundation’s 6-Month Mentoring Real Estate Development Certification Course delivers a proven successful method to developing real estate that I can use throughout my career. I wanted to learn and understand the process of Market Analysis, Financial Feasibility and Structuring Joint Ventures. The REDI Foundation, with the hands on approach and personal mentoring provided by Richard Michael Abraham is helping me tremendously to put together a doable, in demand and feasible real estate development in Pemba Mozambique..." Brian S.
"...I own vacant land in a desirable location. I was told by my attorney to just sell off the land because I didn’t know how to develop real estate. His answer was not the answer I was looking for. I can’t wait until he sees my finished development project. I look at REDI’s Program as more of a hands-on internship that will help me with a real-life development plan. I would recommend this Course to anyone interested in developing and who missed out on a decade worth of real estate industry training and experience. You will get it all here in REDI’s 6-Month Course..." Jodi D.
“...My favorite part of this Program is the personal interaction with Mr. Abraham that ties all this together. Through email and study documents, his availability and responses are second to none. The more you ask, the more you receive. I feel the real value of this Program/Course is that you are working with a developer/mentor who truly seems to care about your success. This truly feels like a one-on-one mentorship..." Jeremy T.
“…This really is a great course - unique in the world. I would add that this is the only program of any type I have done where I felt I was getting true value (far more than my MBA) and beyond compare with all other property development courses. It delivers on its promise - and far more…” Paul M.
“…The step by step printed course was great for me as I was able to complete the readings and assignments and exams at a scheduled, step by step pace while learning the precision approach on how to evaluate the development market, determine a development demand and create a market and feasibility analysis that can be used in real life. The REDI Foundation’s Course offers an education that you can directly apply in real life if you are serious and motivated. Doing the assignments and exams helped me understand what the readings were describing.  Instead of thinking that I knew what I was reading, the assignments and exams helped solidify concepts in my head. Having Richard Michael Abraham as my private Mentor is extraordinary. He would respond to all of my questions in our private on-line emails promptly (which was great value considering his time value and that we are on separate coasts geographically) and he would help re-explain anything that I was unclear on…” David Y.
“...The REDI Foundation’s Course has been a remarkably emotional journey for me. I am absolutely doing what I want to be doing when I want to do it. As all of your students say, the Course Materials are exceptional and the real value in this Course is you, Richard Michael Abraham. You have my respect. As a black lesbian student, I've never said that to a white man before but I am happy to say it now. To think that at this stage of my life, I meet a man old enough to be my father who has the same gifts as I do! You are my father figure. I've never had one before - that is my gift to you, you got in! I have worked my hardest and have the information I need to put together a salable joint venture. Your business model provides a unique opportunity to be judged on the quality of my work, not my appearance. You have changed my life...” Melanie I.
“…Bottom line, I don’t know where else in the world prospective students can go to be mentored by someone like Richard Michael Abraham. The value of the course is tremendous if you really want to develop real estate but also for every daily business decision you make. People in the real world are not open to offering up their knowledge, experience and trade secrets. Mr. Abraham does - he is your advocate and wants to see you succeed…” Kyle N.
"...I have invested an extraordinary amount of money in educating myself about real estate investment. This course far exceeds all of the other courses put together. I only wish I had found the REDI Foundation sooner. I am working on a “real” retail/office development. I am fulfilling my lifelong ambition and dream of becoming a real estate developer. And I need to say to all of the people out there who think that life is too hard and they’ll never make it, etc. - that if I can make it developing real estate at this point in my life, YOU CAN TOO!..." Waymon T.
“…The REDI Course taught by Mr. Richard Michael Abraham has been a life altering experience for me wanting to learn and take my skills in real estate development to the highest dimension. Mr. Abraham exudes knowledge and imparts fervor and passion in teaching me the nuts and bolts not only to be knowledgeable but also to be successful as a real estate developer. In turn the REDI Course is rigorous and challenging, and I appreciate that Mr. Abraham has high expectations of me to keep me motivated to do my best and press hard to make my work standout. I feel with Mr. Abraham’s long time wisdom and genuine desire to teach me the realities of real estate development, I am now well prepared and confident in my abilities to take on a wide range of development ventures. I am grateful for the opportunity to have Mr. Abraham as a mentor and cherish the very valuable time he has spent investing in my future success to become a highly trained and notable real estate developer…” Eboney W.
“…The REDI Foundation’s 6-Month Mentoring Real Estate Development Certification Course is not a “text-book” approach, but the Course is very uniquely designed with substantial weekly assignments and a personal mentoring relationship with Mr. Abraham. What attracts me the most is that during the Course, I could actually have my own Joint Venture Development packaged. Where else could you get this kind of education…?“ Sayo H.
“…I thought about a University Master’s Degree in development but I just did not want to deal with theory. I’m soooo happy I chose The REDI Foundation’s Real Estate Development Mentoring Course. Mr. Abraham mentored me from start to finish and I actually put together my first development joint venture during the 6-month Course – phenomenal…” Dan C.
“…Mr. Abraham has provided me with a one-of-a-kind one-on-one mentoring, and the REDI Foundation course material offers a step by step guide to putting real estate developments together. Gaining this kind of knowledge is exactly why I signed up for this course. I have been a spec-builder for many years, but Richard Michael Abraham’s mentoring is what I needed to move from being a merchant builder of single-family homes to a developer of apartment complexes. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about becoming a developer…” Paul D.
“…The REDI Foundation’s 6-Month Mentoring Real Estate Development Certification Course is the World’s most respected, hands-on program and offers me the required skills, perspective and expertise to be very successful...” Robert T.
“…The REDI Foundation’s 6-Month Mentoring Real Estate Development Certification Course represents the only hands-on approach of learning. It fits me perfectly.  Mr. Abraham has a wealth of knowledge and a passion for his students. This is exactly what I wanted...” Agnes L.
"...Learning is new skill can be difficult, and the fastest way to success is by following the footsteps of someone who walked the path. The REDI Foundation’s course is that opportunity for an inspiring real estate developer to follow the footsteps of Richard Michael Abraham..." Hichem B.
"...The Course Materials plus the private mentoring with Mr. Abraham is the most effective way imaginable to master real-life knowledge of the real estate development business. I have always believed that the best way is to ‘learn is by doing’ as it becomes applied learning rather than textbooks and theory. The REDI process is priceless as it works in a very foundational way by building on each lesson to get to the full broad-spectrum lesson that sticks in your mind like concrete..." Chad C.

“…All of the hours I’ve put into the Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study, all of the miles I walked in Long Island City in the cold, coloring in my color-coded map, all of the hours of research and of course the hours of reading and absorbing the lessons in the Online Real Estate Development Mentoring – Certification Course Materials and the extraordinary and incomparable mentorship and feedback from Richard Michael Abraham (Richie as he’s known by his students) has given me a confidence that I did not and would not have had before. These assets have set me miles ahead of my competition. There is nothing to be afraid of – I have the facts and the guidance and now mindset of an elite man and mentor who has decades of experience.  I have wanted to control my existence and my life for a long time – when I tried before my business failed because I lacked these things – I was winging it along with my partners, more than I knew at the time. With the skills I have gained and the skills learned in REDI’s Course, from Richie, there was NO reason to NOT succeed, to not FINALLY DO IT…”Tom M.  

"...I have scrubbed down University, Colleges, and other courses offerings to garner a developers’ education. The REDI Program with 800-pages, hands on materials are authentic. These materials are not taught by a professor want-to be. Richie’s course materials teach you, nuts and bolts, from the trenches, step by step real estate development methods, to take control of real estate parcels, getting in front of the decision makers, digging down into the details, data, and methods to create a successful, powerful Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study..." Terry A.


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