To My Students,


The brick Layer skillfully applies cement with his trowel onto a bottom brick and then sets the new brick on top – tapping gently but adding no pressure.
If the brick Layer applied pressure pushing down on the new top brick, then the cement between the two bricks would get squeezed out. Also, there would be no way to measure the push of the pressure and so all the concrete walls would be uneven.
And so, when you’ve completed a masterful real estate development Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study as taught and mentored in the Course, and you’re meeting with prospective investor partners, think of the brick Layer and apply the knowledge of your development through the Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study and place no pressure on the potential investor partner.
The bricks adhere to each other naturally – the investor will see the value of your development as an investment by accepting the solid facts in your Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study.
A positive result at your meeting with an investor will only occur if you apply no pressure.
At the blitz point as taught in Course Section 4, you want to be executing and submitting your work to your contact list as taught and then meeting with a minimum of 8-10 interested investors during a ten day period. In this way, you gain healthy competition and synergy for involvement in your development.
Investors will soak up and soak in the details of your professional and accurate Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study.
When you allow investors quiet space to set in their minds that your development represents exactly what they desire and want, then you have learned the art of the brick Layer as it relates to people and investors and decisions about investments.
And so, when you ask me, “what should I say to the investor to convince them to invest in my development,” I say to you, present your facts honestly, let your real estate development Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study speak for you, and at the meeting, apply no pressure.
Enough of the investors will want to invest in your development – assuming you’ve put together a factual, fabulous and accurate real estate development Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study.
At these meetings, with conviction in your development, gently tap into the highlights of what makes your development such a sound investment – just like the brick Layer gently taps on the brick to secure it in place.

© Richard Michael Abraham


Try not to dwell on what you can or cannot do – instead, set impossible goals.

Youth taught me that I could do anything. Blinded by youth and innocence, I could never see impossible.

So what happens, what can change the euphoria of life? Simple, a person matures and starts acting like an adult.

No matter what you’re facing  – Make this time in your life memorable. Decide everything is possible.

Doesn’t matter how many people tell you otherwise. These other people have lost their youthful innocence – reclaim your youthful innocence where everything becomes possible.

Your power of belief will override any of your shortcomings.

I know many of my students face personal tragedy, personal matters, financial stress, disappointment etc. but now is not the time to dwell on your bad days – now, as you work hard in this Course, it’s time to believe you can do anything – you will do everything, nothing is impossible.

With one life to live, it’s much better for you to believe everything is possible. Whenever you’re thinking impossible, think, remind yourself that millions before you already made impossible possible. Now, it’s your turn.

© Richard Michael Abraham


Today I watched a one of a kind actor in a televised interview talk about someone he felt was his one of a kind actor idol.

It’s not easy to be a one of a kind – now that’s an understatement.

But when my students take my Mentoring Course and turn it into a life-changing real estate development and occupation, that’s when I cheer and feel very happy.

Real estate developments are sprouting up everywhere.

Right now, with the Fed manipulated stock market possibly ready for a slide in the next six months, and a pent up demand in real estate, and investors finally looking at hard assets, - yes, these will be the days of the emerging real estate developer.

New and emerging developers will be filling the void in local communities where DEMAND is greatest.

The student Course developments I see with each new class continue to change lives, making lifetime investments for students.

I’ve traversed many shaky bridges, climbed over too many rugged mountains and I know good things can come and go. And this is the time for the emerging developer – the entrepreneur/student who says, “Yes, I can do it.”

By the way, it was the esteemed actor, Terrence Stamp talking about his one of kind actor idol, Marlon Brando.

And I’m talking about my students who make me very proud – and it’s seeing their success that make me feel like a one of a kind.

© Richard Michael Abraham


Anyone who has come to know me through association or through this Real Estate Development Online Mentoring Course knows this is my legacy Course – and so, I tell it like it is, or I believe it to be.

Honesty guiding me each step of the way in what I teach and mentor and calling upon my experiences (in a life filled with them), I view as my final life’s statement. So why not let it all hang out and speak only the truth, the truth behind the truth, the knowledge behind the knowledge.

And I do.

And so now I tell you – LEARN THE TALENT.

For so many years, average Americans or citizens around the world who were bright, intelligent and determined actually were led to believe that starting a real estate development business would be impossible without money.

And so, the wealthy, the successful developers only - cornered the market.

Not anymore.

Hardworking students are gaining the Talent end, and they’ve got the time.  Those with the RESOURCES need hard real estate developments for their investment portfolios.

Right now, as my student, invest your time and learn the Talent and the Resources will find their way to you.

An Award of Distinction Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study is worth $30,000+ in the market. And, hardworking students in the current class are proceeding with their Course development and landowners are coming to them asking the student to co-develop their land. And so, six months of hard work to gain the Talent will turn into a prosperous career as real estate developer.

© Richard Michael Abraham


Real Estate Development Made Easy - Not going to happen!

Real Estate Development e.g. developing real estate or raw land or property requires knowledge and skill.
But that's just for starters.

What about execution? You need to possess the X-Factor to make it happen.
Some people can learn but cannot do. Some people struggle to learn but can do. Some people can learn and can do.

As my student, I tell you this: To become a successful Real Estate Developer, or successful in any walk of life, you will need to be diligent, passionate, competitive, demanding of yourself, determined, resourceful, creative, unrelenting - you need to be a Warrior.

A Warrior is an independent-minded entrepreneur at heart (male or female) with extraordinary latent talent and ability - striving to gain control of their life and their future income.

There's far more joy in fighting relentlessly to become a Warrior than waiting for someone or something to lift you up. Nobody is going to come to your rescue. For many, it's time to take a stand now or give in to defeat.

I have seen dark days. Most likely you've seen them too. It may be time for you to fight.

The only way to change and take control of your life and future requires your belief in yourself, knowledge and skill, and the courage of a Warrior.
© Richard Michael Abraham


Every day real estate developers go fishing. Thank God each of you have a fishing pole.

When you're an entrepreneur, you had to learn somewhere along the line how to fend for yourself and make things happen.  At the end of the week, if you made any income, it was because someone gave you the fishing pole in your life, taught you how to survive without a paycheck.

Every real estate developer is to be commended for fishing in such troubled waters since 2008 tough economic times. And now, as the real estate development economy improves, entrepreneurs Worldwide ramp up their activities.

Take a moment and pause, and quietly thank the person(s) in your life who taught you along the way and gave you one of the greatest gifts of all...the heart, the spirit, the knowledge and the strength of purpose to be an entrepreneur and get up every day and go fishing for new developments or joint venture developments.

Once upon a time the entrepreneur prospered in America. We need more today. Are you REDI?

Keep learning! Keep doing! Be exceptional! Never give up!

© Richard Michael Abraham


There’s only one purpose of the Dead Bolt Lock and everyone knows exactly what it is the moment it’s installed on the inside of your home or apartment’s door.

That purpose is to prevent anyone from coming into your home or apartment when you are there.

The Dead Bolt Lock serves no other purpose.

And it does not require any explanation. It is inherently known that a Dead Bolt Lock is to keep others from getting into your home or apartment when you are inside.

Every great device or new idea or invention shows its purpose immediately, without words or explanations.

And every successful real estate development has one purpose – to fill a demand in the marketplace. The more successful it is, the fewer words it needs to explain why it was developed.

And so, as my student, to capture complete control over your future in a harsh economy where so many people are falling through the cracks (because of no worthwhile employment or business opportunities) you need to select a Course development that mimics the singular purpose Dead Bolt Lock.

Your Course development needs to have a distinct and clear purpose – which purpose is to answer a physical structure demand in the marketplace. When you develop it, everyone will know why because the purpose of its existence is immediately apparent. And it needs no explanation. It exists because it serves a purpose – it’s in demand.

Every successful development waits to be discovered long before it is developed – but it takes an imaginative, creative, hardworking and entrepreneurial spirited person to bring it to reality.  And when you do it – like the Dead Bolt, its purpose is clear. And everyone says; “Now why didn’t I think of that?”

© Richard Michael Abraham

Control Your Future

Anyone in the corporate world or even entrepreneurs looking for a new business opportunity should be careful of their choices.

Early in my career, I saw many bright friends get wonderful corporate jobs as I struggled to get off the ground as an entrepreneur in real estate development.

While I was fighting to break through, my corporate friends were already experiencing the good life.

Of course, the pendulum switched over the years.  Many of my friends started were job-hopping.

Now, I know that corporations can put you under such demanding work stress that everything else in your life can suffer – your family life – the joy in life – the deep rooted entrepreneurial aspirations in your life.

All of my students enjoy a similar goal – to be self-sufficient Real Estate Developers or Developers of Joint Venture Developments.

Learning how to package land and real estate developments with expertise and earning 10%-25% of the equity and profits in the development joint venture, represents a very lucrative career.

My objective remains to teach you an occupation that you control – a future income that you control – and a business career where you can prosper.

In today’s economy, it’s crucial to “Control Your Future.”

And so, during your six months with me, what is more important – the corporate job or your opportunity to learn and master a new business career opportunity – REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT and LAND AND PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT.

When it’s all said and done, what do you think will be more important – when in 10 years you look back to this very moment today.

Will you say, “I’m glad I worked hard in The REDI Foundation’s 6-month Course and learned to develop real estate and become a real estate developer” or “I wish I had worked harder when I took that 6- Month REDI Mentoring/Certification Course years ago.

”Fight in my Course to control your future and capture your future income and financial security as a Real Estate Developer.


© Richard Michael Abraham

Ethics - A Wonderful Character Trait

Ethics - A Wonderful Character Trait

The World needs to renew the principle of ethics.

Frequently in the Course, I try to convey ethical attributes of the Real Estate Developer.

In this difficult World and life, many will ask, “Richie why do you cling to old fashioned values like ethics, honor, honesty, and loyalty?”

My only response is that these qualities remain important to me.

I also teach how many real estate developers are tough-minded.

But, I have also tried to instruct you to be “kind and yet tough regarding your expectations of others.”

One of the gravest business issues today relates to duplicity.

Duplicity is the art of saying one thing but doing just the opposite. The saying part usually takes the form of a mission statement or regulations, or code and the doing part takes the form of what’s really going on.

Duplicity is the allowance of this dual behavior, double standard or hypocrisy.

Real Estate Developers who are known for their ethics usually remain in business. Their excellent reputation furthers their success.

I want each of my students to try to overcome any tendencies to abandon ethics.  

Even in this very hard World, no matter how tough it may get, do your best to retain the goodness in you.

Ethics Will Always Be A Wonderful Character Trait.


© Richard Michael Abraham

Diamond In The Rough

The best ideas in the World don’t always sell.

But DEMAND always sells or leases.

Everything I teach in Course Section 1 & 2 requires finding the DEMAND.

If you do not own a site, you’re looking for DEMAND, and then you’re searching for the perfect site for that DEMAND.

If you own a site, you’re looking for DEMAND, and then deciding if your site suits the DEMAND.  

If you’re starting with a development concept, then you need to show it’s in DEMAND.

The Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study must prove DEMAND.

Then, Course Section 3 of the Course provides you with all the financial feasibility skills to determine if your development is financially feasible.

Section 4 of the Course shows you how to interest, attract and excite your joint venture investor partners, and build your elite long term pool of investors.

So, from the start, everything comes back to DEMAND.

Therefore, when it comes to your choice of Course Development Project, be DEMANDing.

Use my Value Generator Method to Find the Diamond in the Rough.

© Richard Michael Abraham

Application of Skills

There are leaners; there are doers; there are learners and doers.

Application in this Course is fashioned in such a way that I teach you the process, the what and how to do with the pivotal goal of actually putting together a Doable, In Demand and Feasible development in a professional “packaged” manner to convince yourself, convince any investor and convince any lender – that you’ve uncovered and put together a wining real estate development opportunity. Essentially, show them that you are a credible and intelligent developer that does your homework.

Now, all of us possess a different DNA, but I want all my students to undergo a paradigm shift, take a hard look at what makes you – you – and then, pull the lever that says, “I AM A LEARNER BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, I AM A DOER.”

This is how you “Apply” the knowledge. This is what changes your life. This is what my Course is all about.

And so, if you find yourself learning but not doing, then your mind will be filled with knowledge but your future income and control over your life will not necessarily have changed much.

I fight for every student to teach you the knowledge behind the knowledge. My legacy shall be, I helped students around the World go from learners to learners and doers.

Your success in life rests on your Application of Skills.

© Richard Michael Abraham


Self-Doubt makes hope hopeless.
Self-Doubt turns possible to impossible.
Self-Doubt makes dreams wishful thinking.
Self-Doubt cancels aspirations.
Self-Doubt defends failure.
Self-Doubt ends achievement.
Self-Doubt extinguishes the fire in your belly.
Self-Doubt impairs imagination.
Self-Doubt creates nothing, accomplishes nothing
Most people in this World live in Self-Doubt
Be Unique – Erase All Self-Doubt In You

© Richard Michael Abraham

Follow The Nature Of The World To Success

The laws of nature almost always follow a certain path.

Through this lens, I want to again explore the Value Generator Method.

When there's an action, there's always a reaction. This is Newton’s Law - which is widely considered scientifically proven.  

We see Newton’s Law all the time in everything worldly:  

1. If it rains heavy for five days, flooding is likely.

2. If a new luxury hotel is built, it will include a fashionable restaurant.

3. If a soccer stadium is built, it will require parking facilities or create demand for paid for parking spaces.  

4. If you insult someone, sooner or later they may seek revenge.

5. If interest rates are high and it’s difficult to get a home mortgage, real estate developers will develop apartments.

6. If a new city ordinance identifies a new zoning district for entertainment, this will create a demand for restaurants, taverns, dance clubs, fast food chains, parking garages, etc.

7. If you keep trying, your chances of success increase.

9. If you do every Assignment and exam in this Course, you will complete a professional Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study for Investors.

10.If you believe you will succeed, then good chance you will.

In real estate, a value generator can be a new corporate headquarters with 5,000 workers in the building. This new structure may cause the need for housing in the area for the workers.  

The value generator is similar to propositional logic:  If A then B.  

Now, the value generator can take many forms such as:

1. A new corporate headquarters (physical structure).

2. But it can also be a new government ordinance such as designating a part of the city as the new, commercial/industrial district.  

3. An economic glitch where interest rates are low but lenders won’t lend to mortgage applicants. And so, this creates demand for apartments.

But the Value Generator will always follow the notion IF A THEN B.  

I want my students to be brilliant at uncovering hidden development opportunities the competition overlooked. Making the Value Generator part of your DNA will make your personal life, business life and real estate development career likely to be much happier and prosperous.

© Richard Michael Abraham

Good People - Great People - Life Changers

When you think you’re doing your best – look around.

The talent in this World is extraordinary.

And thankfully in all the mediocrity of this World, we encounter Good People – Great People – Life Changers.

Why live on this earth if you can’t or won’t strive to be your very best.

Every time I see someone do incredible things, in every field of endeavor, I marvel and ask myself – how did they do that?

Each one of the Great People worked so hard and determined.

There’s nothing in Real Estate Development, Real Estate Market Research, Feasibility and Marketing/Promotion that is hard if you work hard at it.

It’s what you put into it that counts.

There’s so many Good People, Great People and Life Changers on this earth.

In-between all the clutter of mediocrity, they step up to the plate and hit the ball out of the Park.  

Finding Demand, Proving Demand, Doing Market Research, Doing Feasibility, Finding an Investor – not so hard – if you rise to or even beyond your potential.

Whenever you do Assignments for me – kill me with greatness because if I do not get you to be great – then it’s a tough World for you – a tough life.

Find Good, Great People and Life Changers who inspire you. Rise up inside yourself and master this Course and develop your first joint venture development.

Your greatness is deep inside you but you must reach deep inside and pull out the best of you and lay it out for all to see.

I’m counting on your best work…your best work…ever.

I can point the way – but you must reach for greatness.

© Richard Michael Abraham

Sweet JV Deal

When I was 18 and a major music publishing company sought to publish my songs, well, I was thrilled. They magnificently arranged and recorded my songs.

A few weeks later, I was asked to come to New York to discuss some matters. Turned out that the Publishing Manager wanted to put his name on the songs as a co-writer assuring me he’d be more aggressive getting my songs on the radio.

At 18, filled with innocence, it just did not seem right to me and I said, “No, while I would be happy to give you half the writer’s royalties (if money is your objective), no problem, but I don’t feel right about giving you co-writer credits since you did not write the song with me.”

Well, I paid for dearly for taking the high road. My songs never got off the ground, never got on the radio and the Publishing Manager did not call me anymore.

Looking back, I know I made a big business mistake even though I felt I had retained my artistic integrity.

And so, if you’re putting together a Joint Venture Development and you find an investor willing to put up the “seed” money for optioning and controlling the land site, legal fees, architectural fees, you need to be nice - you need to be generous.

Give investors in your first joint venture development a very, very sweet JV deal.

© Richard Michael Abraham

In My Life

In my life, I’ve thought of many ideas in business. I noticed that too many of my ideas did not materialize.

As I matured, I noticed another side of my brain that looked first for demand and then sought to fill that demand. This more practical “me” and approach always seemed to work.

As a real estate developer, only look for market demand. Demand leads to success.

Find the undiscovered development type that’s in demand in your local area because you first identified the value generators causing the demand.

In my life, when illusionary, wishful thinking, general, oblique, vague business ideas enter my brain, I smile, dream a bit and then, search for demand.

© Richard Michael Abraham

Show - Don't Tell

The Market Analysis/Feasibility Joint Venture Study represents a story that’s factual, jam-packed with reasons why an investor should invest in your Course development.

A story has a beginning, middle and ending.

Now, it’s easy to tell an investor, “This is the best investment opportunity.” How many investors are going to make a “go” decision to invest in you or your Course development – based solely on your “tell” statements?

A student working on a doctoral thesis can’t get away with just “telling” you that his/her thesis makes sense. This student needs to prove their thesis.

An attorney can’t argue in court for their client saying that their client is innocent. The attorney needs to show proof their client is innocent.

My students, writing their story can’t just write general statements that their Course development offers a fabulous investment opportunity.

The investor wants you to SHOW by factual data, organized in a systematic way that your Course development is sound.

So, we’re talking about an interesting story, with a beginning, middle and ending that is filled with SHOW ME FACTS that prove the Course development is DOABLE, IN DEMAND and FEASIBLE. This is your Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study.

When my student does all Course assignments and exams, then, writing your Market/Feasibility Joint Venture Study is your proof, your facts, your evidence, your proof, etc. to the investor.

When the investor sees a Course development filled with SHOW ME facts, when they see a Course development that took lots of research and detail, and work - that’s when they believe you. That’s when they invest in you.

© Richard Michael Abraham

When All Hope Is Gone - Hope Some More

Not one of my students can choose to quit in life because it's not a choice.

No matter how difficult life may be – just keep showing up, and keep trying.

When my children were young, I would say to them, "Never Let Go of the String."

That was the mental image that I knew would help my children see how fragile survival or success in life can be. It's comes down to just holding on a bit longer than the next person.

When I traveled the World doing Real Estate Development Seminars, I ended each Seminar with this counsel to my student attendees, "Go out and sleigh those dragons."

In all my writings, I speak the truth, and my research and instincts share hard economic realities. And while I know exactly how tough it is out there for you now (I’ve had my own ups and downs), the worse may yet to have come.

But I am equally certain that those of you who hold on, never quit, never give in, never give up, will someday look back on this day and say, "I’m glad I hung in."

And so, here it is. While economic chaos faces the average man or woman, and if the tide continues to run against you, keep moving your arms, kicking your legs, engaging your minds and reach the shoreline, no matter how hard.

Take a hard look around. Look at the World. See the sorrowful state of many people.

See the hardships in this World that assuredly make you're troubled life look good.

And whenever you feel all hope is gone – lift yourself up and fight harder.

Face adversity squarely in the eye, stare it down and defeat it.

© Richard Michael Abraham

The X-Factor & How To Get It And Succeed

My students have all heard that 20% of the World’s people do 80% of the World’s Business Transactions.

The other 80% barely get into the game.

What makes the 20% run – I call the X-Factor.

Those who earn the X-Factor believe in themselves and never quit no matter what the odds are against achieving success.

In my life, I have been knocked to the canvass many, many times. There were many times I thought no way can I beat the odds facing me. So many times, the easiest road seemed just to quit.

When I was younger, before marriage and my children, I did quit on myself a number of times. I did not believe in myself.

But once married and as my children started coming, I saw instantly that they were completely dependent on me – if I failed – they would live a life in the shadow of my failure.

And so, I was not an X-Factor person as a youngster because I did not believe in or love myself enough.

But I learned fast that I loved my wife and children so much that I could not let them down.

And I changed and became a fierce Soulful Warrior.

I may not win every time but it’s never because I didn’t try or I just gave up.

For many of my students, to get the X-Factor, the source of your inner strength and determination may not be inside you and may need to be self generated by someone you love more than you love yourself.

Indeed, I cannot even relate to the notion of loving myself – it just doesn’t move me and I would not know how to do it.

In my Course Materials and “Thoughts of the Day” I try my best to fire up the inner self of my students so that somehow it might trigger the X-Factor.

Students who have or gain this X-Factor do extraordinary Course work and developments. They make time to do serious study, assignments, and fieldwork every week and follow my One-One-One Mentoring – for six months. Their lives change and they become real estate developers.

I ask all my students now – find out who you love more than yourself – or find out you want to control your future. In today’s manufactured economy, there’s no safety net.

Find the core reason in your inner self that will propel you to fight every step of the way in this Course to once and for all get the X-Factor running through your blood.

© Richard Michael Abraham

Soulful Warrior

Real Estate Development Made Easy - Not going to happen!

Real Estate Development e.g. developing real estate or raw land or property requires knowledge and skill.

But that's just for starters.

What about execution? You need to master the X-Factor to make it happen.

Some people can learn but cannot do. Some people struggle to learn but can do. Some people can learn and can do.

As my student, I tell you this: To become a successful Real Estate Developer, or successful in any walk of life, you will need to be diligent, passionate, competitive, demanding of yourself, determined, resourceful, creative, unrelenting - you need to be a Soulful Warrior.

A Warrior is an independent-minded entrepreneur at heart (male or female) with extraordinary latent talent and ability - striving to gain control of their life and their future income.

There's far more joy in fighting relentlessly to become a Warrior than waiting for someone or something to take your problems away. Nobody is going to come to your rescue. For many, it's time to take a stand now.

I have seen dark days. Most likely you've seen them too. It may be time for you to fight.

The only way to change and take control of your life and future requires your belief in yourself, knowledge and skill, and the courage of a Soulful Warrior.  Fight until your last breath as soon I shall.

© Richard Michael Abraham

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