My real-life development is a mixed-use 45,000 sq.ft. NetZero retail/office space facility in Alberta, Canada, almost eliminating energy bills in operation and providing highest indoor air quality of any facility. The project provides a 49% IRR and involves a triple sweat equity joint venture structure between the landowner, builder and myself as the developer. Development value including land is $11,192,000. This facility once completed will be used as a model prototype for future developments in different locales. While completing the Course Project, I applied my REDI learnt skillset and knowledge on two other development projects, both of which will be starting this year.

I started the REDI program with an end goal in mind of sharpening up my real estate development knowledge. But now, my foundational knowledge of Real Estate Development is remarkable compared to when I started the REDI Course. My belief in myself is tremendously elevated, my perspective on the world around me is forever altered for the better, the amount of amazing development opportunities all around are much more evident and most importantly the things in life that matter the most are much more engrained in my perspective and action. I am also a stronger individual in all aspects of life. Richard Michael Abraham or Richie as his students call him is a truly one-of-a-kind individual; thoughtful, tough when required and most certainly generous, with both his time (responding late in the evening or early in the morning) and honest feedback. Through Richie’s personal guidance, I feel a forever gratitude no words can describe.

While working on my Course Project, I had many hurdles that Richie helped be power through – whether it be seeing things in a different light in research, structuring the financial feasibility or just helping with the improvement of the overall package. Mentorship with Richie is one-of-a-kind. It's direct, frank and purposeful. Richie very much cares about his students’ well-being above all else - always helping you improve your assignments or Course Project, sharing his own personal experiences. Richie is a person that wants to leave the world a better place.

The 800+ pages of the Printed Course Materials are a remarkable distillation of decades of life experiences.

When it comes to comparing value of knowledge gained and very likely many expensive mistakes avoided as a result of completing this Course, there quite simply is no comparison to any University or Master Degree program. I spent a fair bit of time researching and pre-qualifying nearly every educational institution that taught some form of “real estate development”. Majority were purely academic, primarily from professors that themselves have never been in the industry or ever actually completed any real estate developments. When you compare with the time Richie dedicates to each of his students and combine that with his life experience and wisdom, the Course tuition is a rounding error. Especially by the time you finish your first development and very likely gain $500,000-$2.5 mil+ in real-life income and sweat equity and development success.

Not too long ago, I was near a point of questioning every choice I made. By taking the REDI Course, I was able to build on the foundation of an industry I knew so much about (engineering and construction) but am able to pivot my focus and turn the tables - be on the other side of business decision making and drive the development projects. The techniques that Richie teaches are invaluable; pure distillations of experience that works. Methods you will not find in any textbook, however ones that really matter. Be it the negotiation strategies that yield results in every circumstance, proper financial structuring or sales and marketing methods that are most effective, Richie teaches it how it really is.

If you’re on the verge of wanting to control your own future instead of letting others always decide it for you, I would strongly encourage you to enroll in the REDI Course. Regardless of your past achievements, if you want to be a truly accomplished Real Estate Developer and a strong human being, augment your existing knowledge with the REDI Course.

No educational institution in the world, regardless of its academic pedigree will provide you with more foundational knowledge and real-life experience. You can go trial and error – but trust me on this – you might save yourself a lifetime of mistakes and bundle of money by enrolling in this Course. The elevated knowledge you will gain, supported by direct mentorship from a truly remarkable individual like Richie is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you would not want to have missed." Alex P.

“My course project is a $15,000,000 retail center in Carlsbad, California. There are a significant number of new luxury homes in the area with no close food facilities, shops or gas stations. My project shows a 29% IRR. This retail development will be on a highly traveled road and will also be walkable from new housing developments.

I have been involved with construction and development projects since very young. When I first discovered the REDI Course I couldn’t think of anything else for a few days and knew it was something that I wanted to do. I applied and was accepted, and it has been a whirlwind of knowledge ever since. I did not know what to expect but what I received was more than I even anticipated. The REDI Course is very comprehensive and Mr. Richard Michael Abraham will push you hard. He is very fair and if you will commit the time required and do your best you can succeed, and Mr. Abraham will give you his all. The REDI course is very hands on real life experience that you would not get from a classroom scene. Nothing can take the place of experience and personal, One-Oe-One Mentoring.

Richard Michael Abraham’s personal attention with the Course material and weekly assignments gained me valuable insights to the world of development through the eyes of an actual developer, not just a professor.

I always wanted more and this REDI Course opens up a world of opportunity. Real project based hands on and focused step-by-step instruction is what you get from this C-RED Certification REDI course. I cannot say enough good things about the valuable information contained within REDI’s Course. It is evident that “Richie” really cares about his students.

The Course is challenging (as it should be) and you need to be determined to succeed and control your future. It will push you farther than you would like to go sometimes and some of the assignments will be out of your comfort zone, but I found that it is very worth it and regardless of what I think, Richie was always correct.

This Course can be for a wide range of people, from beginner aspiring developers to highly seasoned professionals. I would definitely recommend the C-RED Course.

Today, most developers will not share the trade secrets and mentor you like Richie will and the Course is easily worth ten times the tuition price. There were times when I felt I may not complete the assignments, Mr. Abraham would encourage me saying “you can do this”.

After going through the Course I am confident in my abilities to develop real estate projects successfully. In the past I was looking at real estate developments the wrong way. This course turns everything around for me and now I know the proper method to determine where, what, when and how to successfully do an in demand project from a value generator standpoint.

Thank You Very Much to The REDI Foundation and Richard Michael Abraham for doing this valuable mentoring program. There is no time like the present to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Once it is gone it will be gone forever.“ Chet. A

“My course project, the Pointe Terrace Apartment building, is a mixed-use development on a 2.3 acre parcel in Louisville, KY. The space will encompass 40 residential apartments - four studio apartments, sixteen one-bedroom apartments, and twenty two-bedroom apartments. The building will also contain a 2,624 square foot restaurant space, four additional retail spaces totaling 3,584 SF, and a 768 square foot office space. Amenities for the Pointe Terrace will include a Roof-Top Terrace, Workout Facility, and Outdoor Dog Run.

The REDI Foundation has provided a blue print for how to get started in a challenging field. Mr. Abraham serves as a guide and mentor through his Course materials. His mentoring makes the whole curriculum truly interactive, as Richie provides feedback on every one of your Course assignments.

The printed materials are outstanding, but having someone like Mr. Abraham mentor and challenge you throughout the Course is extremely invaluable. Mr. Abraham is your personal development coach and biggest fan during the six month Course duration! He truly cares about seeing his students succeed at a very high level that is evident in every email/communication exchange.

Mr. Abraham is available via email to answer all questions about assignments and to offer help when you need it. He is thorough in his explanations and does a fantastic job assisting you when you get stuck or need more information about a particular topic. His mentorship allowed me to work through some concepts that I naturally found to be difficult that I may have not been able to wrap my head around on my own. Richie is encouraging yet demanding, and is truly an advocate for your success. The care that he showed to me as a student is not often found in other aspects of life.

The things that Mr. Abraham teaches you through the REDI Foundation Course are actual actionable steps and activities that lead to your final course project. The Course learning and project is well worth tuition and provides you a blueprint for future projects, and thus, future income.

While the REDI Foundation Course provides a true "nuts and bolts" approach on real estate development rather than learning theory out of a textbook, it is also much more than that. Mr. Abraham takes a very direct and no-nonsense approach with his mentorship and coaching. If your work is not up to par, he does not hesitate in telling you or offering constructive criticism. I distinctly remember early in the Course when Richie told me one of my assignments was not good enough. Mr. Abraham definitely does not beat around the bush. This only served to motivate me and make me push harder to succeed. I am very grateful for that.

I’ve always dreamed of being a developer but I had no idea how to get started. I have been in residential real estate sales and construction for seven years, but I still lacked understanding that it took to get started in real estate development. This Course was absolutely perfect for someone like me. I am a working professional who just needed some guidance to get started. REDI’s Course is much more affordable than a graduate degree in real estate. The most exciting part about this Course is that you are actually becoming a developer while learning. The final course project is something that you can take with you and parlay into your first real life development. The REDI Foundation Course is cost effective, challenging, and comprehensive. I definitely made the right choice to enroll.

The Course takes you out of the classroom and turns you into a real developer within six months. What other programs out there can do that? I'm extremely thankful I took a chance and applied. I know that I made the right decision because there are many things that I have learned from this Course that I will take with me the rest of my life.

The first draft of my final project was simply not good enough to receive an investment and Mr. Abraham had no problem telling me that. If he was not as direct, I would not have been able to put together a strong and viable project plan at the end of the Course. I am very grateful that he did not let me coast throughout the Course and kept me motivated and working hard.

Even if I am not able to make my first project work out, I have the skills necessary to keep trying until I succeed in the development world. I am now able to prepare a high quality and professional Market / Joint Venture / Feasibility Study - a skill in which very few people possess. I am able to prepare and speak confidently and competently about development financial statements and all other development skills. This Course has given me the opportunity to earn a high level of income for the rest of my life and for that I am very grateful. The whole trajectory of my life has been altered just from this REDI Foundation Course.” Nick P.

“Sunnyside Live/Work Homes is a Mixed-Use Transit-Oriented Development including 38 rental townhomes ranging from 1,600-2,160 Sq. Ft. with anticipated lease price of $3,500 to $3,980.  Development will commence in 2018 and units will be available for lease in 2019.  This unique development gives the renter the option of how to best use the ground floor space i.e. office space, retail store, a personal gym, studio, game room or just additional living space. My development is located just 2 blocks from the 41st & Fox Commuter Rail Station pedestrian access. The flexible options, combined with the prime location makes this development stand-out from its competition.

The REDI Foundation made this development possible for my family and me. The knowledge I have gained through the Course materials, exams, real world examples, mentoring and creating my first Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study is way beyond anything I would have imagined I could do.

Running a construction company while learning to become a developer in 6 months would have been impossible (in my opinion knowing what I now know) had I not discovered this Course. This Course, although very challenging, is structured brilliantly.

The best way for me to explain how Richard Michael Abraham came through for me is with my very own development. I enrolled in the Course already having my family’s property intending a for-sale residential development. I didn’t have the knowledge I have now of the Value Generator Method taught in the Course and finding the real market demand. Through my market research, I discovered the complimentary design but struggled with proving its feasibility. After submitting multiple feasibility studies to Mr. Abraham, he made it very apparent that the for-sale development was just not feasible and worthwhile to an investor. But, Mr. Abraham did not give up on me and suggested a different approach. I am truly grateful to say that I will be developing a very profitable income-producing property with a very high IRR thanks to Mr. Abraham.

Mr. Abraham helped me structure the perfect joint venture split that resulted as my 10% Developer (sweat equity), 32% Family Property Owner (property subordinated to a construction loan) and 58% Investor ($4 million cash investment). The development would not have been possible without Mr. Abraham’s guidance to this financial structure.

I would recommend this Course to every entrepreneur in the world who is willing to work hard in a very challenging and rewarding nuts and bolts and in the trenches Course on how to develop real estate. I have taken lots of Courses in my career and not one of them amounted to even a fraction of the knowledge, experience and wisdom received with this course and from Mr. Abraham. He is a very inspiring mentor and a true leader and motivator and will go out of this way to ensure your success in the Course. So long as you remain dedicated and focused, there is no doubt in my mind, having had the pleasure working with Mr. Abraham and completing this Course, that you will have the best chance at becoming a successful Real Estate Developer with this Course.

The printed Course materials are worth their weight in gold. The content is written in a way that makes you feel as if you were actually sitting in a classroom with Mr. Abraham himself. He uses real world scenarios and the non-text-book approach to get the knowledge across and most importantly make it stick. He teaches much more than just real estate development including very important life lessons. The weekly assignments and Course section exams really brought everything into perspective. But best of all was the one-on-one mentoring and direct access to Mr. Abraham. I had to complete all the work after hours and Richie was very accommodating to that regard. There were many times that we were corresponding back and forth on weekends and after hours when I had questions.

I have been truly humbled to have been personally and privately mentored by Mr. Abraham. Mr. Abraham is a true leader. He is purpose driven in making you a successful Real Estate Developer at any cost. Mr. Abraham is constantly passing down his experience and knowledge throughout the entire 6-month program. It is a true mentor arrangement in the trenches learning the nuts and bolts of real estate development.

Mr. Abraham has extensive knowledge and experience of how the “real” economy works from fiscal policy, to the stock market, employment and job growth, interest rates, inflation, etc., and he teaches it in a very direct and straightforward manner.  Again, using real world scenarios to get the point across. The feasibility Course section is indispensable in that when I joined the Course I could hardly read a cash flow statement and now not only can I read it but also I can generate one for my very own development.

Now I am able to package a professional Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study that is far ahead of my competition, and my know-how to secure capital and equity and close transactions rises to a very high level. Therefore, my future looks much different than my past due to this Course and especially Mr. Abraham’s mentoring. In that, nobody or nothing is now stopping me and controlling my financial security is now a certainty.

This Course and the private mentoring by Mr. Abraham have truly changed my life for the better. I now have the opportunity as a Real Estate Developer to control my financial security and future for my family. Also, equipped with knowledge, experience and wisdom to make important business and personal decisions. I personally enrolled in this Course seeking a new occupation that could allow me to have better control of my future and am I am pleased to have found that and much more." Nate M.

"My project, 18 Mercer, is a 4 story commercial heritage building owned by our JV partner. We have obtained approval to erect a 17 story, mixed unit building in the heart of downtown Toronto. Total project will cost roughly $18MM and I will be receiving 10% sweat equity for putting together the Joint Venture Development.

REDI has changed my perspective on risk and project feasibility. I was raised believing in spending only what you have. This moral value resulted in a number of provocative opportunities being turned away for no better reason than inadequate investment capital. The REDI Foundation opened my eyes by helping me create a proper Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study that limits the investment risk and provides solid returns by looking for hidden gems in the market place. It showed me that investing my own money was not the only option—that my sweat equity in the project could also generate my own equity in the project.

The REDI program and Richard Michael Abraham has showed me the inner workings and thinking of real estate development. The course material drives home the point Richie wanted to get across, but the time he spent sharing his experiences, providing custom constructive criticism on assignments pushes the value to another level.

Richie is a no BS-man. He doesn’t hand-hold or fluff things up. Only the tough survive in the dog eat dog, world of real estate development and he hands you the tools and survival techniques (e.g. knowledge, mental agility, toughness and wisdom) to come out on top.

Richie has set a new bar and standard for me when it comes to education and mentors. No other course has ever matched the amount of time he has spent guiding me, providing feedback and suggestions, motivating me, refining my Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study. He is an open book, providing his own personal experience and knowledge to help me avoid the mistakes that caused him and other developers set-backs—literally giving you a lifetime of experience in a matter of 6 months.

If you are looking to take control of your own success, REDI is for you. Richie is a rare and unique individual, who has not only achieved success in the real estate development world, but is also willing to share his experience and techniques to help you develop the knowledge and skills to be successful. I've always been a pretty hard working, self-motivated individual and dabbled in a number of business ventures with friends and family. While I have achieved some successes, they've always fizzled out at a capped virtual ceiling. Through the detailed course materials, real world assignments, personal hands-on instruction from Richie, I see everything clearly and differently now.

Richie has a positivity about him that is inspiring and would impress upon even the most jaded of individuals to see new possibilities. His guidance through wisdom of experiences empowered me to take control of my life; to metaphorically take the bull by its horns and ride into unlimited opportunities. He doesn't fall into the traditional path of feedback and directional mentoring, but helped me take off my blinkers to realize how much I'd been missing. Richie calls it like it is and gets straight to the point. He forces you out of your comfort zone to develop the mental toughness and agility that shines like a light through your fog of doubt and fear. His teachings have been priceless in my growth as a person and as a developer by motivating me to exceed my mental limits, whilst realizing any risks to balance my physical capabilities. Richie has helped make me a better version of myself and attempt possibilities I never even considered as options.

While Richie is just an email away, it always felt like he was right beside me, guiding me every step of the way. He is there to push you to maximize your potential. He wants you to fight to have a better future, and he is always there to guide you to that future.  He is passionate about his work and it shows. No matter the time of day or day of the week, he was readily available. If I sent him an email with a question or needed clarification, his response times were so quick, it's like his life revolved around his students. I have never received that kind of attention from anyone.

He never shows frustration if you are having issues understanding a particular assignment. He is patient and tailors his methods to each student because he has had to break things down for me on a number of occasions.

Richie and the course have given me a new found confidence that no other course, University or professor has ever been able to provide me. Now knowing if I put in the work, create accurate and detailed research and feasibility study, I will never be intimidated by whomever I am presenting to regardless of how much years of experience they have.

Richie has showed me the economic indicators to understand the local market. Being able to see the state of the economy in a different light allows for better informed decisions on what I can expect in the near future.

You can't put a price tag on wisdom derived from years of experience. Real estate development isn't playing in the sandbox. It's a game of high stakes with the big boys. Sure, I might be able to learn these things on my own over the next 10-15 years, but at what cost? The fee for the course is nominal and pales to the time, money and sweat you would have to put in. Spending a small amount in tuition to get a head start -  pretty big head start is definitely worth it in my books.

This course has shaped me to be a smarter, more self-aware, and confident person, with benefits that have been easily translated into my personal life as well. I have rid myself of doubts and insecurities as I trust in my skills to make better informed decisions. This course has been a life-changer for me. Richie’s wisdom and open heart to teach you what no other developer would ever share is a rarity and a breath of fresh air.

I encourage anyone who is interested in getting a “real” education to put any hesitations aside and dedicate 6 months to this course. Where else are you going to find someone who has this much success and knowledge and willing to not only show you, but also teach you the inner workings of the business? Richie is that man, and REDI is that course. If a legacy is what Richie wants to leave, he is building an army of students that are well educated with the tools and know-how to make a significant dent in this world.” David C.

“My Course project is a downtown Toronto Mixed-Use development consisting of 16 apartment units and 3 retail stores.

I have always been very interested in real estate development. As an aspiring real estate developer, I always wanted to realize my goals and dreams. Although I had many development ideas in the past, I lacked the knowledge required to succeed in the field. I knew I needed to sharpen my skills and truly learn the ins and outs of Market Analysis, Financial Feasibility, and Joint Venture Structuring that is taught by Richard Michael Abraham and the REDI Foundation.

I researched everything I could about the REDI Foundation, and to be truly honest, I was skeptical at first. I behaved like a suspicious buyer, and I had my doubts. Could this be too good to be true? Could I really put together a development, and find investors willing to work with me even though I wouldn’t be putting any money down?

Well, I can say this. Six months later, I graduated from the program, and I am so thankful that I took the right decision. This is by far, the best education I have ever received, even though I already have two degrees, one in Business Administration, and the other in Construction Management.

The REDI Foundation has helped me to completely understand how to find ‘development gems’ and how to conduct true and tested Market Research and Feasibility Analysis and Studies. It helped me understand every element and every strategy in order to succeed. It allowed me to feel confident when structuring joint ventures, speaking with investors, landowners, architects, contractors, and every other professional that is part of the development process.

The Course Material provided me with a full spectrum background on how to succeed as a real estate developer. I used to think very differently prior to studying the material. There is an abundance of knowledge, wisdom, and experience in these pages. The way this course was written, and the quality of its contents are just impeccable - The case studies, the life experiences, the examples, assignments, the exams and the strategies - All those secrets were shared.

I was never exposed to that kind of information before REDI’s Course/Program. The wealth of knowledge, and how it was presented is what made the difference. Once again I can say that although I was skeptical in the beginning, I look back now and think about how thankful I am that I took this Course. I’m so happy I did this.

Mr. Abraham’s coaching is very unique. He challenged me on a constant basis. His honesty, his approach, and his style are like no other. He is very detailed and meticulous. He would go over anything with me multiple times until I understood it. This is how you learn. I needed to ensure that my Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture study was flawless. After all, it is my resume, my calling card. It is associated with me, my reputation, my success, and therefore, Mr. Abraham kept pushing me with his suggestions until I perfected every detail, every angle, every word, and every calculation. It is Mr. Abraham’s style and diligence that paved the way for me to excel. I have no doubt about that. The constant interaction, and the One-On-One coaching were phenomenal. There were times I would submit my work very late at night, and sure enough, he would connect with me immediately and give me his detailed feedback.

Mr. Abraham is really one of a kind. I truly felt he wanted me to succeed. He was incredibly understanding, motivating, inspiring, caring, and constantly engaging. His wisdom, knowledge, experience, and his teaching style all working in a synergistic manner played a vital role in transforming me into who I always wanted to be - a successful real estate developer.

He allowed me to think for myself, and taught me that trying is not enough. It is by doing that helped me evolve - And what better than to finally do it while having Mr. Abraham as my mentor by my side.

By far REDI’s Course/Program offers much more value dollar for dollar than any University Master’s Degree Program based on theory. REDI’s Program is a real project-based course. You have to do all the legwork. This Program helped me confront my weaknesses. No University Program will ever do that for you. The real value you get out of the REDI Program goes far beyond just learning about real estate development. I learned so much about myself, and I challenged myself endlessly. Be prepared. If you want to succeed, it is going to challenge you from within.

Today, I feel very proud and confident. I am happy because I know my future from this point onwards will be different. I will be financially independent, and most importantly, I will be doing what I love. My dreams and goals have finally become a reality. I am so grateful, honored, and lucky to have been mentored by Mr. Abraham.

On the day that Mr. Abraham ends his private mentoring, every entrepreneurial person out there who wants to be a real estate developer would have missed out on this “gem” of an Advisor.  I recommend that anybody that is willing to work hard and strive to succeed consider REDI’s Program before anything else. If you really want to succeed as a real estate developer, then the REDI Foundation is the way to do it.

Nobody can put a price on this type of education, nor can you find a true mentor and renowned expert that will do everything in his power to see you realize your highest potential, and achieve your goals and dreams.

Mr. Abraham, “Richie” as his students call him is something else. He taught me to always find development gems. Truth is, I think that he is truly a gem of a human being, not just an expert developer or coach.“ Samer C.

Mark B. utilized the Marketing Mind Set Reframing Method taught in the Course by Richard Michael Abraham to secure joint venture investors.  His work exemplifies what is learned in the three Semester, 6- Month Mentoring and Certification Real Estate Development Course.

"I've had the privilege of getting an MBA from one of the top business schools out there, consulting Fortune 500 companies, and having lunch with Warren Buffett. But I have to admit that the last 6 months with Mr. Abraham as my mentor have provided the most practical and invaluable hands-on education that I've received in my life.  Seeing my first $12,000,000 multi-family project enter the early stages of development with a great partner/investor is testament to this.

It's been an exhilarating day - just had two separate investor meetings and they both want to invest in my 72 unit apartment development. To be honest, I'm amazed at the response of the most successful and wealthiest investors and developers in my city to my Market/Feasibility Study as taught in this Course/Program. After just six months in the course, the who's who in the development community are calling me... I want to thank Mr. Abraham for his guidance, mentorship, and patience through this process.  Even this morning, Mr. Abraham invested a great deal of time to prepare me for these critical meetings with expert coaching, specific insights on how to keep cool, and wise counsel on the right questions to ask.  Using Mr. Abraham's marketing mind set methods I now have ten (10) Joint Venture investors competing to get into my development. I especially like the mental framework he's helped me to develop - that I am looking to choose the right Joint Venture partner or investor - as opposed to trying to find an investor.  I'm excited for this development and the many more to follow and I owe it all to Mr. Abraham.

The Materials have provided the complete background on how successful developers think and how I need to change my thinking to be a success. I also have appreciated ho data-driven and analytical the materials are with clear teaching on how to use and interpret the numbers to make wise decisions.

I have really grown and learned the essentials of development through Mr. Abraham's intensive course readings and assignments and most of all through our regular 1-1 interactions that have been very much focused on actual development I plan to do.

Mr. Abraham's mentoring has involved in-depth readings, challenging and practical assignments and 1-1 private email mentoring and interaction that has helped me to get a 12 acre parcel of land under agreement with a clear practical plan on how to build 72 units. I am learning how the successful and larger developers think. The approaches and decisions now make a lot of sense to me as a result of Mr. Abraham's mentorship.

I find that the reading and assignments give me the full background on how the best in the development business excel.  But Mr. Abraham's 1-1 mentoring then takes it to an entirely different level by guiding through a specific development with practical and actionable advice.

With Mr. Abraham mentoring, I feel like I have a wise and experienced partner  at the table that genuinely cares about my success. Mr. Abraham not only knows how to help me become successful, he also cares deeply about my long-term success. This shows a through clearly in all our interactions.

Wow, did I get my money's worth. I have a new clarity of mind and confidence on how to put together practical developments including how to run the numbers and present a complete and convincing Market/Feasibility Study to investors and lenders.

The land I currently have under agreement thanks in part to Mr. Abraham's guidance could very possibly increase in a value by $1,000,000 before I even break ground. That's pretty amazing ROI - and that's just the first development.

When making business decisions, Mr. Abraham has helped me to carefully weigh the pros and cons and 'think outside the box' to discover more creative options I hadn't considered before. This has led to simply more opportunities. I now look at my city with brand new ideas and as a result I see many real development opportunities that I never new existed.

I believe unique selling disposition of this Course and how we engage in it is the 1-1 mentoring from a highly successful and experienced developer who genuinely cares about his students and their success. I don't believe this type of program exists anywhere else in the world, thereby making it truly unique and priceless. Where else can you gain a multi million dollar business in return for a moderate Course tuition? Now, that's real value." Mark B.

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