REDI student

“I am proceeding to joint venture develop a $12,000,000 North Padre Island Waterfront Luxury Resort Style Town Home Development and will earn my 15% equity ownership and profits.

The landowner is investing the land into the project and I’m now I am working to select the Joint Venture Investor. This deal will announce my arrival in the Real Estate Development World, a career I sincerely have only dreamed of coming true. The bulk of the credit, however, goes to my REDI Foundation experience and Richard Michael Abraham or “Richie” as his students call him.

With the help of The REDI Foundation I have been able to find and prove market demand, put together my Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study and interest of investors with confidence. Richie has helped in honing the vision and scope of the project.

The REDI 6-Month Program is excellent and profound, yet taught in a tangible and practical manner. That said, like most valuable things in this world it is hard work. This experience has not only offered practical education but has indeed developed my character.

The persistence, patience and encouragement of Mr. Abraham have been refreshing in a tenacious world. Simply put, he mentors and believes in me. I have not historically placed a high value on others believing in me other than my family, but Mr. Abraham’s intentional and kind, yet firm, one-on-one mentoring have been the backbone of my confidence to pursue my career in Real Estate Development.

From the very beginning, I have been impressed with Richie’s immediate advisory emails on my assignments with personal and intentional feedback. It might seem small, but receiving feedback when the assignment or material is fresh in your mind is incredibly valuable. It allows me to reflect without having to back track to refresh my memory on the subject matter. The promptness of the correspondences also communicates the value and faith of Mr. Abraham not only in my project but also in me.

In a world of secrecy and mystery, the REDI Foundation has helped lift the veil. One of the biggest hurdles in my pursuit of Real Estate Development was the mystery of the financials and feasibility. It is impossible to find someone who is both successful and willing to show you the inner workings of development deals. This information is often viewed as trade secrets. As a result my understanding of real financials and feasibility, and more specifically IRR returns for investors has now allowed me to demonstrate credibility to investors. Words cannot express not only how grateful I am but also how valuable this has been for my project and future projects.

The Course Materials walks you through step by step from concept to execution through every conceivable component of development in a systematic way. Assignments are purposeful, comprehensive and practical for all aspects of development.

The immediate application of every assignment has been one of the most important parts of my REDI Program experience. As a college student in the business school at SMU, I studied theory and intangible concepts.

The REDI Foundation’s practical education and application approach is the primary element that so attracted me to the REDI Foundation. I thought to myself, ‘This concept is ingenious and makes so much sense on a practical level.’ If I can take what I am learning and immediately apply it then retention is going to go through the roof. Not to mention the strength it will give my development project. This REDI approach to becoming a real estate developer is simply brilliant.

The entire experience from the Course Materials, Assignments and Exams to the immediate and personal one-on-one mentoring and feedback from Mr. Abraham, has been so much more than I hoped or expected. I mean that sincerely. Given what I paid for college versus what I gained educationally, the tuition for the REDI Foundation versus the experience, education and confidence is very inexpensive.

REDI’s Program and Mr. Abraham have changed everything about my future. I am confident I have the tools and ability to develop anything anywhere. That is not a boastful overconfident shout. Because of the all-encompassing principles and practical approach to development now embedded in me as a result of the course and personal mentoring from Mr. Abraham, I now genuinely have the confidence to develop anywhere. The fundamental REDI approach is fool proof and universal.

The REDI Foundation is rooted in truth and results. It is rare to find anyone who genuinely has your best interest in mind and much less if that person has a track record of great success and authenticity. I, along with many students before me, found that very thing in Richard Michael Abraham.

I want to take this opportunity to publically thank Mr. Abraham for his belief in me - his fairness, and taking action on his desire to leave a legacy in the hearts, minds and careers of his students - the next generation. His genuine concern and commitment to my success as a person and a developer is more than I could ever expect. His patience and faithfulness as I encountered life circumstances, has been an incredible gift. I am truly humbled that he takes the time to invest in my story and no amount of money could repay him for the blessing he has been to me in every way.

Lastly, if you are considering REDI’s 6-Month Program, do so purposefully. It is not for the faint - or half- hearted. Life will not wait on you. If you encounter anything like I did, then it will push you to your limits. But if you stay the course there is an indescribable reward on the other side. Not only will you have a special friend in Richard Michael Abraham but you will also have ALL the tools you need to take development from concept to completion.

Since the REDI Program in so contingent upon Mr. Abraham’s personal mentorship, it will not continue forever. I don’t know how long he will continue to offer this opportunity to prospective students, but for your sake and your family’s sake I implore you to act now. Do your due diligence, but don’t delay. I genuinely hope you get the honor and acceptance to be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity. God Bless.” Tim K.

REDI student

“As an architect, my ever increasing concern about the environment, has provided me with a compelling vision of beautiful buildings, technically savvy to solve our energy demands without taxing the environment. But gaining real estate developer knowledge remained my void.

If you want to be a real estate developer but are held back by not knowing where to start or how to select the best Course/Program, just go to The REDI Foundation.ᅠ The learning experience is second to none,ᅠ unsurpassable in that it is an experienced, hands-on, project-based, private, one-on-one Mentoring Course. You work on an actual project as you learn the development business. The knowledge is from Richard Michael Abraham with his lifetime of experience. And, if selected, he personally mentors you. You will not get this type of knowledge or mentoring in any other structured course/program in the World.

The REDI Foundation facilitates a well-crafted and formulated course for developing real estate, created by Mr. Abraham, a developer genius with a lifetime full of successful experiences.ᅠ The REDI Foundation has a motto – Every development must be proven to be ‘Doable, In-Demand, Feasible’ – which when fully understood and practiced represents the crux to succeed developing or joint venturing real estate projects. The entire course with Mr. Abraham’s leadership and mentoring helps you understand how and why the components of this motto work with the essential underpinning applicable to every development project.

The one-on-one mentoring is intuitive, thoughtful, sincere, helpful, stern, thought provoking and motivational. Assignments and exams are commented on seamlessly with the email mentoring that addresses any questions you may have with the course material. The mentoring polishes off the extensive, printed course materials, clarify the data and enhance the knowledge it takes to be a successful developer. Students in general rarely have mentors.ᅠ Having one at the top of his game is quite rewarding.

The real value is of the 6-Month Real Estate Development Coaching – Certification Program remains priceless - you cannot put a dollar value on this course. This knowledge comes from years of trial and error, years of experience, and years of success.ᅠ Even though you have to work hard to acquire the benefits of the knowledge presented, you will be completely empowered once the course is completed and fully absorbed. Power to make informed decisions, avoid mistakes, and gain positive results and control your future.ᅠ In real estate development – you cannot put a price on this.ᅠ Simply stated, it’s not remotely possible to put a value on this Course – the value received is so much more than the tuition. Given the enormous added income expected in my business and my own real estate development projects, the return is very, very high.” Jeff P.

REDI student

Todd took his $70,000 parcel of land and turned it into an $8,000,000 real estate development after mastering the real estate development skills needed in The REDI Foundation’s 6 Month Real Estate Development Mentoring and Certification Course/Program.

"Success as a real estate developer is a RARE GEM and Mr. Abraham pushes you to shine. As much work as you put in, he will tell you, equals the result that you will get out. And, he will definitely push you to go above and beyond what you consider to be your best. With an extensive background in Chemistry, Art and Mathematics from Temple University, I still did not FEEL FULFILLED… until I enrolled into the REDI Foundation’s Real Estate Development Certification Program. Imagine having someone that’s like a friend of the family, a close friend of the family who wants to passionately and wholeheartedly see you succeed as a real estate developer, fulfilling your visions…Richard Michael Abraham. Imagine having a life coach that passionately wants to see you succeed…Richard Michael Abraham. And the icing on the cake - to have someone teach you PRINCIPLES that most people wouldn’t even learn in a lifetime…Richard Michael Abraham. The REDI Foundation has helped me to cultivate my PASSION and GIFT as a successful real estate developer. Mr. Abraham genuinely, patiently and aggressively opens up and unleashes the gift that you already had inside of you but was just dormant, waiting to be presented to the world. Not only has Mr. Abraham removed the enigmas out of the real estate developing puzzle but he has accelerated my drive to move forward with a restaurant and apartment complex development on a vacant lot that I’ve owned for the last 10 years,“ Todd stated.

Todd represents a new breed of real estate developer – average Americans taking entrepreneurial charge of their lives, protecting their futures by learning how to develop real estate – whether you have the powerful desire to put together Joint Venture Developments as a career or develop your own land with Joint Venture Investors.

“This development is just the tip of the iceberg to what the future will hold. What so many other developers KEEP HIDDEN out of fear, Mr. Abraham and The REDI Foundation brings to light with stellar confidence. This course is at a cost that is pale in comparison to University Master’s Degree Programs in real estate development and ensures that you will avoid ANY one of the countless, endless mistakes that YOU WILL MAKE without it. There are 3 semesters. Each semester is 2 months for a total of 6 months. That is ONLY 180 DAYS out of your life to improve your life, for the better, FOREVER. With the high-quality, printed Course materials, you will ALWAYS have reference manuals for your library for decades to come. The mentoring by Richard Michael Abraham is invaluable, priceless,” Todd added.

Todd’s unique development has been featured in hundreds of newspapers across the United States.

“TO ANYONE OUT THERE WHO WANTS TO LEARN HOW TO DEVELOP REAL ESTATE: What this man stands for is unparalleled in this industry. Mr. Abraham’s passion, his drive, his experience and his principles will carry you to a level that only a few, elite developers ascend. You have to seize an opportunity of a lifetime, because you will not have a lifetime to seize this opportunity. There was this man that I once met in a heavy rain when times were tough for me about 6 months ago. Through the torrential downpours of Market Research & Analysis… he was there. Through the typhoons of Finance Principles, Discounted Rates of Return, Joint Ventures & whirlwinds of feasibilities… he was still there. Then the waters started to rise. As I relentlessly pushed through the mud of Negotiations, Acquisitions, Approval Processes, Marketing, Promotions, Advertising & Sales… Would you believe this man was still there? And when the clouds started to part & the sun started to rise, through the concrete pushed a flower that was destined to be: Richie’s next real estate developer...Behind every reason lies a reason. And this man’s reason is his legacy. He said you can have a gift but it is not a gift until you give it. He gave me the gift of real estate development. Through every step of the way he reinforced my talent, my drive & my spirit. Not only did he elaborate in great detail about how to get investors but he also surrendered the formula & blueprint on how to pique their utmost interest. To Mr. Abraham or Richie, as his students call him, & the rest of The REDI Foundation, I tip my hat & bow out. Thanks for everything.” Todd R.

REDI student

"I plan to proceed with my Course project: Sudsations Xpress Car Wash in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. This exciting development sits on a 1.25 acre site and will be comprised of a 66 ft. long by 21 ft. wide (3-5) minute options automated express wash tunnel and dryer with an 8.5 ft. wide chemical room, 1 express lane with pay station, 12 parking spaces each complete with cleaning stations (vacuums and trash bins), an air machine, and a car mat cleaning station. Only two-thirds of the site is proposed to be developed at this time leaving the last one-third for potential Self-Serve bays making this a super competitive Flex-Serve car wash in the future.  From the initial investment of $1,159,906, the joint investor’s IRR over a 5-year period is 45.42%. The total value of this project is $2,899,766 and I have structured my 10% joint venture equity ownership.

I have always wanted to be involved in real estate development and for the past several years, I have been contemplating going back to school and getting an MBA. I am a civil engineer (P.E.) and have worked in site development (both design and management) for the past 12 years.  I also have a real estate license. My knowledge was limited to the field of engineering.

After completing the REDI Course, I now realize I don’t need an MBA. The financial feasibility assignments and acquisition strategies in this Course are ground breaking. I am now able to create cash flow, income, and land acquisition statements, calculate and target IRR, as well as having access to all of Richard Michael Abraham’s masterful negotiating methods. Not only did I save substantially on college tuition I now have a “bird’s eye view” of the development process: able to identify market demand all the way to creating my own unique marketing and sales advertisements to raising the capital.

The Course Materials, Assignments and Exams coupled with Richard Michael Abraham’s personal Mentoring pushed me to the next level. I can now pursue my entrepreneurial dreams as I have the skillset to create any kind of real estate development (industrial, commercial, retail, residential, etc.) moving forward! In addition to the ‘nuts and bolts’ of real estate development, Mr. Abraham taught me the ‘mindset’ necessary to be a successful developer. Mr. Abraham taught me Current Economic Conditions, Future Forecasts and Trending, Local Economy, Market Research Data Points, GDP, Inflation, Money Supply, Sustainable Growth, Interest rates, Exports, Trade Balance, and so much more. I am trained now to put together a dynamic Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study for Sudsations Xpress Car Wash. I would not have been able to do it had Richie not pushed me to my excellence. Richie wanted me to win – several times during the Course, he personally checked in with me via email to offer encouragement and additional guidance.

The REDI Foundation and Richard Michael Abraham’s Course cannot be found anywhere else. I searched everywhere for 2 years before I applied for this Course. This Course has catapulted my professional career with everything I know now and has tremendously contributed to my personal life. Richie got me to move out of my comfort zone.  These assignments varied from working directly with course materials to driving the market area to going out in the field and interviewing or meeting with industry professionals:  contractors, engineers, surveyors, architects, including attorneys, municipalities, utility companies, and car wash experts.

I feel very lucky and grateful to have gotten the rare opportunity to complete the REDI Foundation Course and be mentored by Richard Michael Abraham.  As I have heard in the past from many developers in the field, “You cannot learn the development process in any book or course. It takes years to gain the knowledge and experience to be a successful real estate developer.” I now know that is no longer true. The REDI Course and Richard Michael Abraham’s private mentoring profoundly changed my life forever – all in 6 months.  I now have control over my future.  Anything is possible.

If one is serious, loves real estate development, has integrity and a strong work ethic, wants to be creative, challenged and mentored to excel, I highly recommend enrolling in the 6-month REDI Course. This is a WORLD CLASS Course and it’s the best investment I’ve ever made.” Bealinda P.

REDI student

“I am currently proceeding with a 20-house building project per contract in partnership with SOPROFIM SA. I am an owner of “Bel Horizon Tchad”, a real estate development and home building company located in N’Djamena Chad, and I also operate my U.S. based company – thanks to the REDI Foundation.

My partnership gives me a chance to implement my innovative construction proposal of using (CEB) Compressed Earth Block technology that aims to achieve relatively low costs.

My C-RED Certification from the REDI Foundation and the knowledge I learned from Richard Michael Abraham in the 6-Month Real Estate Development – Coaching Course gave me the great source of confidence needed to secure my relationship with my business partners.

The Course Materials, 800-pages in four printed sections is all practical knowledge, and no theory and I frequently refer to them, still learning every day. They are never far from me though I already graduated the course.

Richard Michael Abraham, or “Richie” as his students call him provides very close Coaching that revolves from the printed course materials and assignments, and the exams, to his personal and private Mentoring. From the printed course materials to the exams, his on-going Mentoring emails aim to further clarify the subject, to get back on the right path if needed, or to praise if the work is well done. I also personally appreciate his extraordinary “thoughts of the day”; dealing with a hot development topic or a moral comfort or needed inspiration.

I’m feeling in the shoes of a privileged person to have been personally and privately mentored by Mr. Abraham. I thank God for allowing me to discover and to be accepted by the REDI Foundation and Mr. Abraham.

If anyone wants to get trained to get into the real estate development business, without wasting time in University theoretical courses and programs (that are ineffective) the REDI Foundation’s Online 6-month Real Estate Development Mentoring Certification program is the key, it’s what serious students always wanted but could never find anywhere else in the World.
It concentrates all the superlatives of efficiency. Go to its discovery and you will thank me.

Mr. Abraham does not take a long time to answer your questions or concerns; sometimes, in 2 or 3 hours the same day. For a serious entrepreneurial spirited student seeking to master a new occupation and who has the chance to have a mentor of the caliber of Mr. Abraham, it is certain that Mr. Abraham will do his best to get you to where you want to go.

The real value received from REDI Foundation’s program and Mr. Abraham’s private mentoring equal to:
+ Practical Course Materials and case studies
+ Online internship (Exacting private Mentoring from Mr. Abraham to prepare your course project – a “real” real estate development)
+ Your first paycheck earned by implementing your course project as I am doing

I remembered a short sentence from Mr. Abraham, “Don’t fall in love with real estate, make sure you do all your due diligence as I teach you to do.” Working with this counsel will save you from many development business decision skids. I’m so happy to get into the real estate development business; it is like a moneymaker in my hands. Mr. Abraham has changed my life with his knowledge and the wisdom he instilled in me - I can address all real estate development matters confidently.

On the day that Mr. Abraham ends his personal and private mentoring of students Worldwide, it will be like hundreds of practical learned libraries burning down all at once.
Mr. Abraham is changing so many lives across the World with his Legacy Course.” Abdou A.

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