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Student 60 Unit Apartment Project

Online Real Estate Development Mentoring - Certification Course

Project Based Learning where students develop their own “real” real estate development Joint Venture in their local area.

Non-Profit Educational Foundation

Founded: 1973


“One-On-One Mentoring is the only way to create a paradigm shift, where the student can become the master.”  Richard Michael Abraham

Project Based


The student is learning by doing, and converting their knowledge and new skills into a 10%-25% ‘sweat equity’ ownership in their course project Joint Venture real estate development without investing any of their capital.

Nuts & Bolts


The REDI Foundation provides proven, know-how and the experience of the presidents of 300 leading United States real estate development firms and Richard Michael Abraham -The REDI Method -so that you, the student, can put together a ‘real’ development during the 6-month course.



Each student receives One-On-One, individual and private mentoring from Richard Michael Abraham tailored to the students needs.



Completion of the Course leads to C-RED Certification - the mark of prestigious distinction that opens many doors.


Richard Michael Abraham is the Founder of The REDI Foundation. Following his studies as a teaching fellow in Boston University’s MBA program, he joined Kaiser Aetna where he contributed to the development of real estate across America.


He formed his own firm and participated in over $5 billion dollars in commercial, residential, retail and resort properties in 25 U.S. states.


In 1995, as the Internet revolutionized public information and impacted privacy, he intentionally chose greater anonymity in his real estate development activities.

Mr. Abraham received a Master’s Degree from Brown University. His interest in education, and sharing of knowledge led him to the formation of The REDI Foundation, an educational institute in the field of real estate development.


At Mr. Abraham’s personal request, the Presidents of over 300 leading real estate development firms have taken part in The REDI Foundation’s educational programs.


In his Legacy Course/Program, Richard Michael Abraham is paying forward to help enterprising students across the world achieve success as real estate developers.

John D. Lusk

JPMorgan Chase

U.S. Defense Department

Kaufman and Broad

Trammel Crow

Environmental Protection Agency

Greystone Real Estate Development

Walt Disney


Maui Land & Pineapple Development

Farnsworth Real Estate Development

New England Real Estate Development

Pankow Real Estate Development

American Nevada Real Estate

Fieldstone Homes

Corcoran Jennison Real Estate Development


Rouse Real Estate Development

Watt Real Estate Development

Bausch & Lomb

Procter & Gamble

Irvine Company


Gerald D. Hines


Pitney Bowes

Urban Land Institute

United States Government

United States Navy

National Aeronautics & Space Administration

MIT Real Estate Center

Maguire Properties

honorary founding members & graduates from the following companies:

at the request of richard michael abraham, the presidents of 300 real estate development firms joined the redi foundation and their knowledge is part of all course materials.

if accepted as a new member of the redi foundation, you'll be in good company

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The REDI Foundation was founded in 1973.


Over the years, at the request of Mr. Abraham, the presidents of more than 300 leading U.S. real estate development firms volunteered their time and took part as Founding Member guest speakers at 125 national Seminars – sharing a wealth of practical knowledge.

Original photo of California homebuilder John D. Lusk, speaking at The REDI Foundation’s 1992 Beverly Hills Real Estate Development Seminar.


In 2012, The REDI Foundation decided to offer this Course Program with Online, One-On-One Mentoring and Certification where Mr. Abraham personally and privately mentors accepted students.


This Mentoring and Certification Course Program provides hands on, Project-Based Knowledge and Skills.


The effectiveness of this Real Estate Development Mentoring Program can be witnessed by the success of our students.

Original photo of the reclusive Richard Michael Abraham at the REDI Foundation's first Real Estate Development Seminar in San Francisco in 1973.

The REDI Foundation

Non-Profit Educational Foundation

Founded: 1973

Registered with the Secretary of State, Commonwealth of Massachusetts