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#1 In The World - Real Estate Development Mentoring - Certification Program
#1 In The World - Real Estate Development Mentoring - Certification Program
Another student's success story - profit exceeds $3,000,000
Another student's success story - profit exceeds $3,000,000

Another REDI Student Starts Construction on major Joint Venture Development



16 months ago, Mike T. earned his C-RED Certification. His Developer/Mentor, Richard Michael Abraham, instructed him to meet with landowners. One of the landowners was so impressed with the Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study that Mike had completed for his Course project agreed to put his $2,500,000 parcel of land into the Joint Venture and to give Mike 46% equity ownership participation in the development. Applying the skills learned in the Course, Mike negotiated a subordination of the land to a $12,000,000 lender construction credit line. As taught, Mike took the project through all planning board approvals for a 170 unit residential community. He has pre-sold the first phase and is now commencing with construction. No investor capital was needed. Mike's projected three-year profit exceeds $3,000,000. Mike has now entered into other Joint Ventures. Mike had no prior real estate development experience before enrolling in The REDI Foundation’s Course/Program.

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Founded: 1973


Project Based


Each student who completes all Course requirements will put together a “real” Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Real Estate Development Course Project that’s in demand, doable and feasible – professionally packaged for investors.



You will be guided, step-by-step through the entire real estate development process, and receive one-on-one, private individual Mentoring from Richard Michael Abraham for your Course Project.

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Founded in 1973, The REDI Foundation incorporates proven, know-how and experience of Richard Michael Abraham and the Presidents of 300 leading U.S. real estate development firms who aligned with REDI to share their know-how.



Course completion leads to C-RED Certification - The mark of prestigious distinction that opens many doors.