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Student Course Projects



Recent students receiving The REDI Foundation Award of Distinction:

"Since graduating the REDI Program, working as a Joint Venture Real Estate Developer part time, I am developing a 20-acre tract of land. Following the REDI Method Course, I raised $450,000 from a Joint Venture investor to purchase the land. Using the skills taught in the REDI Program, and private Mentoring of Richard Michael Abraham, I negotiated a Joint Venture hotel development with Wyndham. The total value of this Wyndham project is $5,600,000 and I own 50%. And my remaining land to be developed is now valued at $2,000,000. As taught, I did not need to invest any of my own capital.


The REDI Foundation is helping me by teaching me a proven successful method to developing real estate that I can use throughout my career. In the past I had ideas for potential real estate developments, however, I did not understand the process of Market Analysis, Financial Feasibility and Joint Venture Structuring taught by The REDI foundation. The hands on approach and personal mentoring provided by Richard Michael Abraham are helping me tremendously to put together a real, doable, in demand and feasible real estate development.


The printed Course materials are helpful because the material is broken down into a step-by-step process for developing real estate. By working through the material I am learning the process by creating and developing my own real estate development.


Richard Michael Abraham provides expert coaching every step of the way.  The printed Course material, assignments, exams and coaching all work together. Richard Michael Abraham reviews your work and provides significant input. This advisory is vital.


The greatest benefit to this Course is the personal and private mentorship provided by Richard Michael Abraham. Mr. Abraham or ‘Richie’ as his students call him, really becomes a part of your development team - an expert who guides you through the entire process of Real Estate Development.  He is very quick to respond and gives 100% effort to helping his students succeed in putting together a doable, in demand and feasible real estate development.  I feel blessed to have this opportunity and value the coaching provided above all aspects of the Course.


I have had the opportunity to talk with bright individuals who have had ideas for real estate developments but haven’t progressed passed the “idea” stage.  They haven’t progressed past this day dreaming stage because they lack The REDI Foundation’s comprehensive and proven method. The REDI foundation’s comprehensive mentoring Course provides the expertise needed to be able to proceed and take action.  The mentoring I’m receiving in the course is equivalent to having an expert developer as a business partner.  This Course has been vital for me to move from the day dreaming stage to actual execution.


As part of his coaching, Mr. Abraham leads, inspires and motivates.  Not only does he review your work and provide input but he also motivates you by helping you see the success that awaits you if you put in the hard work needed to be successful.  Mr. Abraham provides you with examples of previous student successes, thoughts of the day that inspire, and he gives of himself - a genuine desire to see his students succeed.  If you work hard and dedicate yourself to this Course then Mr. Abraham will help you every step of the way.  It is like I said earlier, having Mr. Abraham as a mentor is like having an expert developer as your business partner who will lead, guide, mentor and motivate you through the process.


I think to find the real value of the Course you need to find how much you would pay for an experienced real estate developer executing a real estate development with you.  Imagine the cost of that vs. The REDI Foundation’s nominal tuition. I could never afford to hire an experienced developer. But the Course mentoring essentially provides this expert developer – Richard Michael Abraham.


When you think about the value you are receiving in this Course for the nominal amount of the tuition cost, it is incredible.  Without this Course I would not have an in demand and feasible real estate development with a 20% equity position. I consider Mr. Abraham a partner in my development that I am working on, so as a partner the value this Course has provided me is worth at least 50% of my equity stake in my development.  This Course teaches you the nuts and bolts of real estate development and Mr. Abraham helps you every step of the way to create your own real estate development that can change your life.  Because of the great opportunity I’ve been given through this Course, there’s no way I can put a monetary figure on the value I’ve received.


The private mentoring received from Mr. Abraham through email correspondence is superior to conventional online classes and webinars because you receive individual attention and tailored guidance for your unique real estate development.  Individual and private coaching is needed.  Other classes and webinars teach theory.  The REDI Foundation’s Course with personal mentorship teaches through doing and without personal mentorship from Mr. Abraham that would not be possible.  I think you can compare results to prove that private mentoring is more effective than online classes with no advisory.  At the end of the REDI course I will not only have certified expertise as a Real Estate Developer but I will also have an in demand and feasible real estate development project.  At the end of any other online class I would have theoretical knowledge only. If you want to physically execute a real estate development as opposed to just learning the theory, then I recommend The REDI Foundation Course."


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Brian S.



“We plan to proceed with Urban Heights. Urban Heights is a small niche development that is conveniently located just one mile northwest from downtown Fort Lauderdale. The development will consist of two bedroom and three bedroom apartments with features and amenities that are typically found in newer, larger scale apartment developments. The goal is to target young urban professionals who want to work, live, and play close to home.


Enrolling into the 6-month REDI program was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Initially I could not afford to enroll but then I thought about it and began to realize that I could not afford not to enroll in the program.


In the past I had tried every textbook approach I could find to teach me the skills of real estate development but none of these approaches gave me a practical no-nonsense approach to development like you learn from the REDI Foundation. The program has shown me the proper way to analyze development trends through color-coded maps and to look for value generators that create complimentary developments and then write a market and feasibility study to prove the demand of your development. In the past I would ride around looking for vacant lots or buildings for sale then I thought about what I wanted to build. Now I ride around and look for value generators that demand a particular complimentary development. It’s the scientific way to find hidden development gems.


Currently, I am a business owner. Throughout the 6-month program, I saw firsthand the life lessons Mr. Abraham tried to emphasize play out in my own life. Mr. Abraham taught us that when you fall down in life no one is going to come to your rescue. And when you choose a business partner or investor, you really have to vet them and put them through the Meat Grinder to test their sincerity and underlying interest. Now that I know and understand these concepts, I can make smarter decisions that will lead to a much better outcome in my business endeavors.


The printed materials were more like interactive workbooks of practical applications. They were very easy to read and follow and now serve as reference tools and guide whenever I need to refer back to a particular concept, thought, or financial feasibility problems.


The coaching has been the best attribute of the course. Every week there was a new concept being taught, and when I turned in my assignments Mr. Abraham did not hold back but gave me constructive criticism to get me to perform at a higher level. The way the assignments and exams were structured, concepts, definitions, and thoughts always stayed fresh in your mind and forces you to retain information in your memory.


Mr. Abraham goes out of his way to provide students with examples from his own past experiences and examples of successful past student projects. Seeing these examples and knowing in the back of your mind that someone just like yourself has successfully completed this course and produced or is pursuing a potential real estate development is by far the best motivation boost to keep you working hard to do your very best work.


Before taking this 6-month Course, I had a distorted view about the economy. I thought if interest rates were low, then it was time to buy. Mr. Abraham on the other hand taught me to delve into the economy indicators and evaluate what's going on globally and nationally in contrast to what's happening locally. Once I began doing this, I quickly realized that rates can be low and the stock market could be thriving but on Main street unemployment can be at an all-time high and real estate could be in a slump. So, now I read all of the economic signs.


Being personally Mentored by Mr. Abraham is like having unlimited access (for a six month period) to one of the brightest and successful minds in the real estate development industry. I would compare the mentorship I've received to being taught how to play the game of basketball by one of the greatest coaches to ever play and coach the game.


There were times during this six-month program that I felt I would give up. But every time I experienced a hardship or difficult situation, Mr. Abraham always sent me some words of encouragement or a "thought for the day" that always seem to pull me through my situation. There were times where the subject matter was a little difficult for me to grasp but Mr. Abraham would always provide me with explanations and/or examples from other students who were working on similar problem; basically showing me that if he or she could do it so could I. Every time Mr. Abraham provided me with this type of support, I always managed to break though and accomplish a particular task that once felt insurmountable. Mr Abraham made me realize that though this course I had the power to change my life forever.


The value I received from this 6-month course cannot be quantified; because this course has been invaluable. I am forever indebted to Mr. Abraham and the REDI Foundation for accepting me into this program and giving me the opportunity of a lifetime.


I would say to others who may be contemplating on enrolling into the REDI Foundation 6-month real estate development program to take the leap and come with your heart and mind opened to receive new concepts, thoughts, and ideas on real estate development because when you do you, you will be on the road to becoming a new and successful intuitive real estate developer and taking complete control over your life by putting together real joint ventures.


It's very rare to find someone that is willing to share their secrets of success for the sole purpose of helping you improve your life. One thousand times "thank you" to Richard Michael Abraham would be too few....”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              - James D.


"16 months ago, I earned my C-RED Certification. Richard Michael Abraham instructed and mentored me to meet with landowners. One of the landowners was so impressed with my Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study that I had completed for my Course project agreed to put his $2,500,000 parcel of land into the Joint Venture and to give me a 46% equity ownership participation in the development if I could put it together. Applying the skills learned in the Course, I negotiated a subordination of the land to a $12,000,000 lender construction credit line. Then, I was able to secure $2,000,000 in private investor equity capital. As taught in The REDI Program, I took the project through all planning board approvals for a 170-unit residential community. I then pre-sold the first phase and now I have started construction. I had no prior real estate development experience before enrolling in The REDI Foundation’s Course/Program. Now, I am involved in over $45,000,000 in four development projects with an average of 30% joint venture ownership equity.


The REDI Foundation is the most practical, tried and tested real estate development course. The course has the perfect balance between assignments, fieldwork, mentoring, exams, real stories from a successful developer, and mastering the mindset you need to succeed. After going through the course, I now possess the knowledge and the confidence to get investor and landowner joint venture partners and create a very successful real estate development firm. By far, the most important part of the course is the one-on-one, private coaching. Mr. Abraham’s mentoring, input and suggestions are invaluable, and really give you re-assurance that you are on the right path. I get very excited by all the email mentoring responses Mr. Abraham gives me, as well as his frequent articles and thoughts of the day.


All I did was exactly what Mr. Abraham taught me. I couldn't have imagined earning this much money before I took the REDI Foundation’s Course/Program. I know now that money for my developments will never be an issue, given that I possess the skills to professionally package, present and have investors calling me for my developments. And by mastering Mr. Abraham’s negotiating skills, I am saving 20%-30% on construction bids. Having someone like Mr. Abraham mentor you privately is something invaluable, that you cannot find anywhere else. The most important factor, to me, is having the confidence that I have someone like Mr. Abraham with practical experience and success by my side, a mentor with my best interest in mind. Mr. Abraham is very demanding, which is exactly what you need when you want to rise in such a competitive field as real estate development.


Before taking the REDI Course, I felt people didn't respect me in the real estate field. I am now treated with like and respect when talking about real estate development. Mr. Abraham's all business approach and philosophy has turned me into a true expert in the real estate development field. I now am completely convinced that I will be able to package one development after another while always keeping my ethical values as Mr. Abraham teaches. If you value experience, success, practical knowledge, and private Mentoring, you will instantly realize the value of this course. The tuition price of the course, in my opinion, is a very small fraction of the value you receive, and this is by far the best course I have ever taken in any field in my entire life. I truly recommend this Course to anyone that is seriously thinking of developing land or real estate or wants to become a joint venture developer working with investor capital. You will be forced to act, and at the end of the course you will have a complete real estate project to develop. You will also have the knowledge to make this a business, and control and secure the rest of your future. The REDI Foundation and Richard Michael Abraham are giving me the confidence not only to develop any property, but also to get investor`s capital and develop as a joint venture partner."


                                                                                                                                                                                                                           - Mike T.

“I’ve identified a 67-acre tract for residential development for $125,000-$350,000 priced homes. I completed the first development section of 64 single family lots in this project in Conroe, Texas. I paid off the development loan of $2.6 Million. There remains twenty acres for the final section with the builder contract to deliver 58 lots. This is a $12,000,000 project.


I'm currently looking at a 34-acre tract in Montgomery, Texas. I'm performing market research the apartment proforma and investor package as taught. I've been in touch with developers who have an interest in tracts for assisted living and retail uses as a complement to multi-family.


Through the REDI Course, I have gained invaluable knowledge and expertise to identify market demand, perform research and data collection, develop cash flow feasibility models, package a project, and obtain investor equity financing.


These processes are often taught in industry trade organizations and universities, yet the methodology taught within the REDI course, instead of theories within a classroom, I am in the field conducting meetings, driving my market, gathering data; which all leads to an actual course project; and, ultimately income. The hands-on approach with mentoring by a world-class developer, Richard Michael Abraham, provides a level of education unlike any other program.  It is a cut well above ULI or CCIM courses I’ve taken.


The coursework takes the student through progressive assignments to learn the real estate development process; gain deeper insight into themselves, their strengths & weaknesses. Further, the unique tools to uncover market demand provide opportunities for hidden gem development. These Course Assignments have opened my vision so that I see vacant tracts, surrounding uses, traffic, current developments, news reports and other factors in a new light on a daily basis.


The sections on financial feasibility modeling have been presented in a clear and concise manner to teach the calculation of discounted cash flow, internal rate of return and other valuable investment metrics. The data gathering and preparation of the Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study to generate interest of investors, is a key element to success.  The quality of the materials and the student output is of the highest standard, and the mentoring by Mr. Abraham brings all of these factors together.


The Course materials are nearly presented as a business memoir of Mr. Abraham’s vast experience. The assignments are crafted to instill real estate development concepts, a professional business approach and to build upon these layers with expert knowledge. The blend of fieldwork and written assignments are designed to synthesize the real estate development process and create a skilled entrepreneur.


As students complete and submit assignments, Mr. Abraham quickly and thoroughly reviews the material and mentors students individually, one-on-one through his detailed responses.  He is relentless in his coaching to guide students to a feasible, in demand and doable project.  The training to position the project in the Feasibility Study and skills learned to market to investors allows me to take a path of creativity and entrepreneurship.  As a course graduate, I have the tools and expertise to assemble a development and prove value to earn an equity position.


Mr. Abraham has been available by email correspondence day and night to provide direction, input and guidance on course assignments and the course development project. He openly shares successes and failures from his life experience that have been the foundation for his achievement. This human trait enables him to build trust with students and push them to succeed. His mentoring flows from real estate development to general business.  As he shares anecdotes, his humility and compassion for others outside of his business is clear and present.


The experience to be mentored by Mr. Abraham has been a highlight in my career. For nearly thirty years, I’ve worked 60-70 hours per week in commercial and corporate real estate and made numerous sacrifices of personal and family time. Through the course, I’ve gained experience and credentials that will allow success and financial freedom past all expectation.


The experience to study the course materials, complete assignments and receive mentoring from Mr. Abraham has changed the direction of my future.


I’ve considered other industry trade designations and masters’ level real estate programs that provide theory-based learning. The REDI Foundation was the right approach for me as a practical training program to learn development skills, receive mentoring in real estate development and life lessons, and hands-on training.  As a result of the six-month program, I will have an actual real estate development almost complete. The REDI coursework and mentoring by an experienced developer, Richard Michael Abraham, is the best approach, bar none.


As a highly successful developer, Mr. Abraham has a wealth of knowledge and demands top results from his students.  His feedback is direct.  His mentoring is compassionate. Mr. Abraham has poured his knowledge, wisdom and heart into the course materials and mentoring of apprentices. He treats his students as if they are family and expresses care and concern from a business and real world standpoint.


The REDI Foundation course is a challenging program. As any chief executive, Mr. Abraham pushes himself and those around him for ultimate success. His frequent guidance and encouragement have often pressed me to dig deeper to complete materials. In addition to real estate development, the course enables students to build and strengthen skills in business, communication, marketing and human interaction.


Mr. Abraham’s development and personal style remind me of the adage, “Never, never, never give up.”  (Paraphrased Winston Churchill.) It’s truly challenging to put into words the impact that the REDI Course has made on my future.


Mr. Abraham shares his life experience and wisdom with students. He is very clear that we must rely upon ourselves, we must research and verify the accuracy of our work product, select partners carefully, be honest and truthful with partners and investors, and not to expect an easy path. His expectation of the work product is of the highest quality, which will ultimately benefit the student.


A leader will roll up his sleeves, get down in the trenches and show one how it’s done. By real life examples disclosed within the course and skilled mentoring, I feel almost as if I have absorbed Mr. Abraham’s wisdom. The coursework is challenging and Mr. Abraham pushes students, but it seems as if a business as well as personal transformation has occurred within me.


I feel as if I operate at a higher level in business meetings, that I can quickly assess various options and reach a swift informed decision. In business activities, I seem to possess a new quiet confidence as I progress through the various stages of a real estate development.


Once Mr. Abraham ends his teaching and mentoring, there will be a great void for the individual who desires to create new infrastructure and build skills and expertise that lead to success as a real estate developer.


These development concepts and business knowledge are not taught in universities. Based on geographic location and access to capital, real estate development and ownership can often be an exclusive club. Mr. Abraham has made this learning experience available to people of all backgrounds Worldwide. The tuition cost for the program is a fraction of the expense of an advanced degree. My gratitude for inclusion in REDI’s 6-Month Program is beyond description.”


                                                                                                                                                                                                                             - Marjorie C.

“My course project is a $15,000,000 retail center in Carlsbad, California. There are a significant number of new luxury homes in the area with no close food facilities, shops or gas stations. My project shows a 29% IRR. This retail development will be on a highly traveled road and will also be walkable from new housing developments.


I have been involved with construction and development projects since very young. When I first discovered the REDI Course I couldn’t think of anything else for a few days and knew it was something that I wanted to do. I applied and was accepted, and it has been a whirlwind of knowledge ever since. I did not know what to expect but what I received was more than I even anticipated. The REDI Course is very comprehensive and Mr. Richard Michael Abraham will push you hard. He is very fair and if you will commit the time required and do your best you can succeed, and Mr. Abraham will give you his all. The REDI course is very hands on real life experience that you would not get from a classroom scene. Nothing can take the place of experience and personal, One-Oe-One Mentoring.


Richard Michael Abraham’s personal attention with the Course material and weekly assignments gained me valuable insights to the world of development through the eyes of an actual developer, not just a professor.


I always wanted more and this REDI Course opens up a world of opportunity. Real project based hands on and focused step-by-step instruction is what you get from this C-RED Certification REDI course. I cannot say enough good things about the valuable information contained within REDI’s Course. It is evident that “Richie” really cares about his students.


The Course is challenging (as it should be) and you need to be determined to succeed and control your future. It will push you farther than you would like to go sometimes and some of the assignments will be out of your comfort zone, but I found that it is very worth it and regardless of what I think, Richie was always correct.


This Course can be for a wide range of people, from beginner aspiring developers to highly seasoned professionals. I would definitely recommend the C-RED Course.


Today, most developers will not share the trade secrets and mentor you like Richie will and the Course is easily worth ten times the tuition price. There were times when I felt I may not complete the assignments, Mr. Abraham would encourage me saying “you can do this”.


After going through the Course I am confident in my abilities to develop real estate projects successfully. In the past I was looking at real estate developments the wrong way. This course turns everything around for me and now I know the proper method to determine where, what, when and how to successfully do an in demand project from a value generator standpoint.


Thank You Very Much to The REDI Foundation and Richard Michael Abraham for doing this valuable mentoring program. There is no time like the present to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Once it is gone it will be gone forever. “


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Chet A.


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