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The REDI Foundation is honored to present the Award of Distinction to the following students:

“I am currenlty proceeding with a 20-house building project per contract in partnership with SOPROFIM SA. I am an owner of “Bel Horizon Tchad”, a real estate development and home building company located in N’Djamena Chad, and I also operate my U.S. based company – thanks to the REDI Foundation.


My partnership gives me a chance to implement my innovative construction proposal of using (CEB) Compressed Earth Block technology that aims to achieve relatively low costs.


My C-RED Certification from the REDI Foundation and the knowledge I learned from Richard Michael Abraham in the 6-Month Real Estate Development – Coaching Course gave me the great source of confidence needed to secure my relationship with my business partners.


The Course Materials, 800-pages in four printed sections is all practical knowledge, and no theory and I frequently refer to them, still learning every day. They are never far from me though I already graduated the course.


Richard Michael Abraham, or “Richie” as his students call him provides very close Coaching that revolves from the printed course materials and assignments, and the exams, to his personal and private Mentoring. From the printed course materials to the exams, his on-going Mentoring emails aim to further clarify the subject, to get back on the right path if needed, or to praise if the work is well done. I also personally appreciate his extraordinary “thoughts of the day”; dealing with a hot development topic or a moral comfort or needed inspiration.


I’m feeling in the shoes of a privileged person to have been personally and privately mentored by Mr. Abraham. I thank God for allowing me to discover and to be accepted by the REDI Foundation and Mr. Abraham.


If anyone wants to get trained to get into the real estate development business, without wasting time in University theoretical courses and programs (that are ineffective) the REDI Foundation’s Online 6-month Real Estate Development Mentoring Certification program is the key, it’s what serious students always wanted but could never find anywhere else in the World. It concentrates all the superlatives of efficiency. Go to its discovery and you will thank me.


Mr. Abraham does not take a long time to answer your questions or concerns; sometimes, in 2 or 3 hours the same day. For a serious entrepreneurial spirited student seeking to master a new occupation and who has the chance to have a mentor of the caliber of Mr. Abraham, it is certain that Mr. Abraham will do his best to get you to where you want to go.


The real value received from REDI Foundation’s program and Mr. Abraham’s private mentoring equal to:

+ Practical Course Materials and case studies

+ Online internship (Exacting private Mentoring from Mr. Abraham to prepare your course project – a “real” real estate development)

+ Your first paycheck earned by implementing your course project as I am doing


I remembered a short sentence from Mr. Abraham, “Don’t fall in love with real estate, make sure you do all your due diligence as I teach you to do.” Working with this counsel will save you from many development business decision skids. I’m so happy to get into the real estate development business; it is like a moneymaker in my hands. Mr. Abraham has changed my life with his knowledge and the wisdom he instilled in me - I can address all real estate development matters confidently.


On the day that Mr. Abraham ends his personal and private mentoring of students Worldwide, it will be like hundreds of practical learned libraries burning down all at once. Mr. Abraham is changing so many lives across the World with his Legacy Course.”


                                                                                                                                                                                                             -Abdou A.

“I am working on landing 3 potential investors for my 50 Unit, $13,000,000 Townhouse Development in West Palm Beach, Florida. From the time I was 10 years old, I knew I wanted to develop new physical real estate structures and become a real estate developer. My background as a building contractor in the construction industry led me to seek to become a real estate developer. I wanted to know all the nuts and bolts of the development industry but HOW? I did a lot of research and the Course/Program offered by the REDI Foundation and mentor Richard Michael Abraham was the real deal I was looking for. Nuts and bolts in the trenches type of education - go out into the the field on the front lines and be that warrior that Mr. Abraham teaches you to be.


I explored many university course options but none were close to what the REDI Foundation had to offer in term of tuition cost, payment plan, the practical Course content and private coaching from an experienced real estate developer. REDI’s Program is by far the most valuable course amongst all other University or other course options out there. University education will never be so meaningful on the precise subject of packaging and developing real estate projects and joint ventures.


It is imperative to learn the right way from an experienced developer or otherwise you will end up failing with your first development thus ending your career immediately. REDI’s Course also taught me how to build my team – my architect, builder and planner ready to start the development on a $2,400,000 site once all land acquisition due diligence contingencies are completed. Without Mr. Abraham’s mentoring and the REDI Foundation’s 800 pages of vital Course Materials packed in 4 printed Course sections, I wouldn’t be standing here with the most professionally packaged Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study ready for my investors. Where else could I get something as powerful as this for my future? The REDI Foundation is a pioneer and leader of the real estate development that helped some of the major developer firms around the world to become what they’ve become today.


As Mr. Abraham says, no computer, no Apps or no robots would ever be able to replace your real estate development joint venture packaging skills and this leads to an everlasting income producing development business or career opportunity. The more you learn, the more you earn. Education is something that no one can ever take from you. It’s there to stay, imbedded within you.


Having Richard Michael Abraham to mentor you and teach you all the skills of the business is like finding the Holy Grail. It is like adding an experienced developer’s knowhow to your development team.


Mr. Richard Michael Abraham’s mentorship is second to none. I have never experienced someone as attentive as him on making sure of the success of his students. I will always recall the first assignment I sent him, his response was, ‘I am not really impressed.’ At that moment I knew I was up to something much more life changing. I was always impressed to receive a response within few hours of my assignment submissions so I could know if I was on the right track.


Where to start? How to find the right project and why this development instead of another? How to find the right location and why this specific location? Is there demand for your project? Is the project doable and feasible? How to have investors find you and how to secure them? These questions are just a few of the questions I and many other emerging developers needed answers for, and REDI’s Program delivered. Be sure to have an entrepreneurial spirit to enroll this course. It’s not your typical theory class. I did it and it was worth every single stroke of pencil I made.


Find it in yourself to break that fear and pursue your dream like I did. Once you get selected and accepted into the Course, there is no turning back, not an easy task but it’s worth all the effort. I will never regret the fact that I decided to enroll and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made – to take full control of my family’s financial future. Which would you like - Getting 100% of your regular salary or 10% and more equity ownership in a multi-million dollar joint venture real estate development? REDI’s Course is not about theoretical reading, its about facts, its about meeting real people from the industry and putting a real in demand and feasible project in front of investors by the end of your 6 months course."


                                                                                                                                                                                                                           -Patrick S.

“My Course Project is a 30-Unit Multi-level luxury apartment in the ‘Golden Mile of Africa,’ Sandton. I come from a solid real estate background and currently have a good career in appraisal and investment, and what I thought I knew about development proved to be insignificant compared to the daunting, practical knowledge I have been taught in this course. Before this course, I had a basic knowledge of the feasibility study but this course has super-charged my skill set and I can now confidently say that the market research analysis and feasibility studies that I can produce, will be among the best in my market, creating such a competitive edge.


Furthermore, it has enabled me to learn about and practice in many different types of development prospects, which is invaluable as it further opens up the scope of opportunity. The REDI Foundation has been fundamental in up-skilling and giving me the confidence to be able to take on any type of development, from concept to construction to marketing completion.  This practical explanation and nuts and bolts knowledge has been tremendous.


The printed course materials have really assisted me in understanding the fundamentals of each stage of the development process in a clear and concise way.  The assignments at the end of each chapter have really challenged me and tested my understanding and practical application.


Probably the most exciting part of this course has been the chance to be personally mentored and guided by Mr. Abraham. It is rare in life that you get an opportunity to be mentored by such a highly respected and accomplished leader in the industry of your interest.  The practicality of this entire course works like a well-oiled machine and that is why it is so effective. One goes through the course materials, does the practical assignments, ask Mr. Abraham questions, and lets him guide you where you feel you need help, do the exams, and constructively create your course project under his supervision.  For me, in order to really understand and learn the development game, this practical hand’s on way is the only way it can be done. I believe that in order to be successful at anything, you need to be shown how its done and taught by the best.


Trying to go it alone is a tough thing and this world is a tough place, so without a mentor it’s just much tougher if not impossible. It is very rare in life that someone gets a chance to be mentored by a world- renowned and highly respected professional in the industry of his or her choice.  This is something that I have not taken lightly and therefore I consider it to be an absolute privilege to be mentored by Mr. Abraham. Mr. Abraham has always encouraged me to push harder and do better.  Whenever I have questions or areas of the course content that I am unsure of, it is very reassuring to know that I can ask Mr. Abraham for guidance.  He has always been able to assist and takes the time even if I have quite a few questions at a time.  The point is that, everything I didn’t understand while going through the course content before, I now do understand because of his Mentoring input.


With no real experience in putting together a viable development, after some intense months, I have just about completed my course project for a fully feasible, doable and in demand development.  This does not get taught in a lecture room at any university.  Not only this, in my progress with the course, I have also uncovered some other demands in the market and I am busy putting together financial feasibility and market research studies for these as well. I can now confidently say that I am very good at putting feasibility and market studies together for investors for developments that work.


The bottom line here is that if you are a person that is aspiring to enter the development field with no experience or background, or capital, there is absolutely nowhere out there that can offer you a private one-on-one mentorship like the REDI Foundation can.


There is no university in the world that offers this – FACT.  The only way would be to work for a larger institutional or private developer, but even then, top players don’t have the time to dedicate to your career or growth - FACT. When Mr Abraham does decide to end his coaching program, it will be a great loss to the world of aspiring property professionals, and I am just glad I found this when I did, and I honestly and truly hope that ‘Richie’ and I will stay in contact over the course of my career, as he has had a positive impact on my life, for which I am eternally grateful.”


                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Scott M.

Jeremy T. utilized the “Value Generator” method taught in the Course to discover the demand for his mixed-use development and mastered all the skills to develop and joint venture any real estate project with investors. His work exemplifies what is learned in the three Semester, 6-Month Mentoring and Certification Real Estate Development Course.


“My favorite part of this Program is the personal interaction with Mr. Abraham that ties all this together. Through email and study documents, his availability and responses are second to none. The more you ask, the more you receive. I feel the real value of this Program/Course is that you are working with a developer/mentor who truly seems to care about your success. This truly feels like a one-on-one mentorship. This is what Mr. Abraham wants to leave behind. He is a man of his word and this shows through his efforts to guide you on your path to success. This Program/Course is also a fraction of the cost of a University Master’s Degree and can be done on your own time during a normal workweek. There is no better way and there is no better opportunity to learn than from the mentorship that Mr. Abraham provides in The REDI Foundation’s Program,” Jeremy stated.


Jeremy is a licensed Architect, LEED AP, educator and entrepreneur. He earned his Architectural degree at Cornell University. Jeremy is also now involved in developing a luxury condominium complex in Beverly Hills and has raised the joint venture investor capital.


“The difference with the REDI course as opposed to other courses, is that throughout your many months of hard work you go through many different emotions, but in the end you realize that you have created a bond with your mentor that you will carry with you throughout your career. If you are starting out, as I am, you will look back and remember where it all began and remember the words of wisdom that Mr. Abraham provided. The emotions I refer to above are those of hard work, self-doubt and trepidation to take the next steps. However, Mr. Abraham has a style of teaching that eases your fears and directs you into your comfort zone prompting you to move forward. His encouraging demeanor and his immediacy to respond to each student and their individual needs and skill sets is truly inspiring. His efforts made me want to work harder each and every day. He treats each student project as if he is your joint venture partner. He devotes as much time to your projects as you devote to perfecting them. Upon submittal of my feasibility study, Mr. Abraham worked tirelessly with me to get my development to the sweet spot. With encouraging words and experienced advice, I was sent back many times to reevaluate my market study and my feasibility. I welcomed the challenge and again, each time I came back the study was better. The time value of this course is second to none. I have learned ideas and methods that I will use my entire career. I also believe that I have yet to realize the breathe of knowledge, experienced advice and wisdom that Mr. Abraham has bestowed upon me. I will surely look back and remember this Course and Mr. Abraham for helping me pursue my dreams.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           - Jeremy T.

"From the start of REDI’s Program, using the initial market research chapters, I found a great location in the heart of the untapped market of East Boston. Timing right, I purchased a two family building that I am developing into 4 individual condo units. Now, as I graduate the Course, I am planning to develop a 20 unit mixed use building with 4 ground level commercial spaces. We will build a mid rise boutique luxury condo building with waterfront views and prime retail spaces within walking distance to the booming Central Square. Through the learned tools and Mentoring, this course has taken the gambling element out of the process and made me a true property investor and developer.


I have been involved in brick and mortar academia my entire life, Bachelors in science, Juris Doctrine, Masters in Business Administration so I was skeptical about the prospect of an Online program. I could not have been more mistaken. The depths of the REDI Foundation’s Program with each assignment, with terminology and coined tried and true methodology that could not be taught in any other Course has not just open my mind to development but also my heart and soul.


I have never had a developer/advisor as engaging and passionate about what he is gifting to each of his students. I have also never experienced the level of compassion and positive reinforcement in any mentor that I have gotten from Richie. I truly care about this course, it not just a means to an end it’s what I want to do with my life. This has been the most involved program I have ever participated in, from sheer magnitude of work, to daily pieces of advice and inspiration to involved final exams and real world projects.  No other program has ever presented me with such a positive, confident outlook on what my passion and life’s work can be, that’s really unique.


Before I came to the REDI Foundation, I was drifting. I have worked most of my adult life to be stuck in a career I just tolerated. I was not satisfied, I was not engaged, I was not happy. I realized about a year before I wanted to make a major shift in my life to not just help people make money, I wanted to help people make a life. I knew real estate was the key but I had no formal training, no direction on how to make my new dream a reality.


One of my favorite things about REDI’s course was that you can be an honest, positive, good natured developer without being a pushover. I quickly learned this not a popularity contest, this is business. And while I want your like and respect; I will earn it through my work and passion and not by giving into stupid/frivolous demands.  The personal involvement and life lessons based on real world experience and expertise all come together in a uniquely effective method. Not only did I learn about developing, but also the economy as a whole and how it functions. This was another favorite aspect of the Program for me - complicated economic theories made simple, the type of concepts that should be mandatory in every school.


While we have never met in person, from the combination of the life stories and lessons shared in all the materials I feel like I have known Richie all my life. There were several moments throughout the Program where one assignment would start my thought process of what comes next and, sure enough, that was the subject of the next assignment. Like the teaching method has helped me think the way he does, and that's a major gift.


I cannot thank Richie enough. The entire program has given me a rudder and paddles to steer my ship. I have been struggling to find my way and working hard to get where I am today, confident that I have chosen the highest and best use for this one life I have. To be able to provide for my family and building the community as a whole is what I was born to do. Mr. Abraham has built a lasting legacy that will be the benchmark for conscientious, informed, socially responsible, profitable and noble real estate transformation. I was lucky enough to engage with him personally and I know not everyone will get that opportunity, but I know the principles. Like a great composer, his work is a classical masterpiece. Richie, thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me these tools to turn my dream into a reality.”


                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -Craig S.

My new company is nearly complete with our first project, a 3-unit condominium in the heart of one of Ottawa’s most historic and desirable neighborhoods. As illustrated by the picture, the framing stage of our 3-story, semi-detached building is complete and we have commenced utility rough-ins.  We intend to pre-sale each unit for $700,000 and project to earn a $400,000 profit in one year. I followed Richie’s advice from the start, breaking into the development world with a small project for my first undertaking. And now, my company has multiple projects on way, three of which are under contract. Two of our projects are semi-detached buildings as well, while the third project is a 6-story, mixed use development where our pro forma indicates $2,500,000 profit.  I am hoping for a big year in 2018 and am forever thankful for my Mentor, Richard Michael Abraham.


The REDI Foundation helped me become, more than anyone, making me an intuitive thinking developer. I can now navigate any geographical area and intuitively understand its market, economy, demand, and ultimately determine exactly what’s in demand and is the most doable and feasible development. When you learn how to do this, you know you have the working brain of a real estate developer. Ultimately, REDI and particularly Mr. Abraham taught me how to control and protect my future.


The printed course materials are what I like to call “Richie’s Bible”, or his journal. Rather than a collection of theories from other sources, the Course Materials are authentic, unfiltered, and straight from the mind of an experienced and successful developer such as Richie. Like a product manual explaining every detail of the product, the 800-page Course Materials teach you everything you will ever need to know about packaging a highly professional and sophisticated real estate development Joint Venture from concept creation and demand to sales and leasing.


Together with the Course Materials, Assignments, Exams and private mentoring from Richie, the learning experience is unprecedented. Never have I been so guided through every step of the way in any endeavor. From his encouraging compliments of my work to his constructive criticism of what needs fixing, he truly cares about his student’s success. E-mailing back and forth whenever I need help on a 24/7 basis, detailed explanations and corrections and the constant daily knowledge from his “thought of the day” make this Course one of a kind.


Richie truly cares about the success of my development and my future.


Richie tells the truth about the economy. In a world of manipulated economics, whether from government policy, the stock market, the FED, or your local economy, Richie has opened my eyes to reality. We are not as safe financially as we are led to believe. Richie teaches us how to stand out in a world of uncertainty and to control our own financial future and freedom by creating real developments and creating our own wealth, and how to get in and out of economic cycles.


I am, if anything, lucky to be mentored by a man at the top of his industry. It is extremely rare for someone of his reputation to share his life secrets and successes with the future generation. Unlike most “educations”, the students are not treated as numbered clients, but rather, as part of Richie’s family. To know that we are taken care of by a successful developer, his coaching, teachings and guidelines, all his students know, we are in very good hands.


The education is as real as it gets - As practical as it gets. As hands on as it gets and as legitimate as it gets. In the nicest words I can find to say; other real estate development educational University programs just don’t get it. I am a University graduate who finished at the top of my class and I have been through various industry-related courses and none compared to the REDI Foundation. If you truly want to become a real estate developer and are serious about controlling your future, there is no other place in the World to get started.


Richie leads and motivates me in so many ways. Aside from the goal of aspiring to be like him and walk in his footsteps, and aside from trying to make him proud and impress him for giving me a chance in this Course, his constant communication with me, daily, keeps me motivated, focused, and determined to finish the Course and my development project.


I have a four-year University degree in Business Law with a minor in Economics, while focusing on courses in real estate and real estate development, and I can truly say that I have learned more in a few months with Richie than I did in all my University schooling. University education that is expensive, theory related, non-motivating, and taught by professors who pass along your work to a student helper, does not even come close or compare to Richie’s curriculum, mentorship and value. The difference is like night and day.


My story and relationship with Richie is likely more unique than any other student. When I was down and out, Richie picked me up and gave me a chance at life to succeed that few people ever receive. Our story is just a testament of Richie’s legacy. No other education cares about a student’s true success as much as REDI and Richard Michael Abraham. The alumni projects are the best example of Richie’s Legacy course and the result of his determination for the next generation of developers who aren’t wealthy and were not born with a golden spoon in their mouth.


My future is a lot brighter than it was before enrolling in REDI. I now have the knowledge, skills, tools and coaching from a true leader to build real estate from scratch. In an economic world of uncertainty, I feel at peace and am optimistic. Even though the waters will be rough, I have been taught how to navigate them thanks to Richie and his Legacy course. Not only has my future benefited from this Course but most importantly, I have become a better businessman.


When Richie decides to finally find his quiet place take and end his mentoring Course, the landscape for entrepreneurial people who want to be real estate developers will be bleak. The entrepreneurial spirited developer will once again be a small fish in a huge pond of large corporate developers with more money. The time is now and the end draws near. Choosing The REDI Foundation was the best decision I’ve ever made for my future. I’m extremely happy and grateful I got to be a part of this journey with Richie and will forever be indebted to  him and what he has taught me. I look forward to making Mr. Abraham proud he bet on me and gave me a chance.”


                                                                                                                                                                                                                -Domenic S.

The REDI Foundation is honored to present the Award of Distinction to Tim W. for his extraordinary work in developing a 24-unit apartment project in San Diego.


"I am proceeding with the development and construction of a 24-unit project in San Diego and all investor, joint venture partners are so excited. Richard Michael Abraham’s knowledge and mentoring I would argue guarantees success. I didn’t know how to penetrate the market without capital. This course has helped me overcome that hurdle. I now have the confidence and expertise to focus on real estate development for my own financial benefit. The printed Course Materials are a bible of real estate development knowledge. The Course Materials, Assignment, and Exams are a key element of this Course, but I view the private mentoring from Richard Michael Abraham as something above and beyond any Course that I have ever experienced. This apartment development provides me with 22% equity ownership or the equivalent of $2,750,000 in joint venture equity.


I am a civil engineer with a background in managing large design and construction projects as a consultant. I feel that real estate development has been in my future for a long time. But I didn’t know how to penetrate the market without capital. This course has helped me overcome that hurdle.


I want to be visionary and convert raw land or underperforming real estate into high income producing property. I have been involved in construction and real estate for 15 years and now I want to pave my future in the real estate development business.


The REDI Foundation’s Mentoring Course has opened my eyes. I feel like the knowledge I have gained has helped me view real estate in a completely different way. I now have the confidence and expertise to focus on real estate development for my own financial benefit. The value of the Course can be explained in a few words – ‘real-life knowledge from a pro.’


The printed Course Materials are a bible of real estate development knowledge. I find myself referencing and reading the Course Materials several times per day to gain a deep understanding of the development business and process.


The Course Materials, Assignment, and Exams are a key element of this Course, but I view the private mentoring from Richard Michael Abraham as something above and beyond any Course that I have ever experienced. His mentoring is guiding me through difficult real estate development situations and helping to shed light on the whole process.


This Course is like having a completely un-biased pro working right with you side by side. Mr. Abraham’s personal touch helps increase confidence and give you the sense that you have an ally ready to help. Mr. Abraham’s knowledge and mentoring I would argue guarantees success.


My engineering experience taught me about processes, my construction experience taught me how to build a building and The REDI Foundation’s Course married the two together and added a vast understanding of real estate development. The Course materials plus the private mentoring by Mr. Abraham is the most intellectual way I can imagine to get real-life knowledge of the real estate development business and process. Once you have Mr. Abraham’s mentoring available to you through this Course, then you will identify and produce a “real” real estate development in your area with a pro lighting your path.


His articles of the day, Course material, and general mentoring feedback has been mind altering for me. I have found his guidance to not only help with tough decisions but also force me to look outside the box and find new un-touched development ideas.


This course is invaluable to my family and me. I can only imagine the income stream that can be tapped with the help of this Course. The value of the Course can be explained in a few words – ‘real-life knowledge from a pro’. Mr. Abraham helps weekly with every aspect of the Course as if he is helping his own son learn the ropes of the real estate development business.”


                                                                                                                                                                                                                               - Tim W.

The REDI Foundation is honored to present the Award of Distinction to Peter S. for extraordinary work with his 17-unit apartment project in Hamilton, New Zealand.


"My course project is doable, feasible and in demand. It is a 17-unit apartment development spread over three buildings, three levels, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, double internal access garaging, Stunning views over the city with sun drenched orientation to the North East. Superb location. Projected development costs $8.9 million. Investor IRR 89.61% inflation adjusted. Financing structure 75% total development cost construction loan and 25% equity investor. At the time of writing three major banks have indicated they will fund the 75% construction loan. I couldn’t have done any of it without the private, one-on-one mentoring with Richard Michael Abraham.


In my case, the course materials talk to me. It is as if Mr. Abraham is sitting beside me explaining every detail. I had looked worldwide for the best real estate development program and never expected to find Mr. Abraham and the REDI Foundation let alone be privately mentored. I knew that what Mr. Abraham was about to teach me would change my life forever.


Learning leads to knowledge; experience leads to wisdom. Mr. Abraham delivers the best student learning experience possible. Mr. Abraham, or Richie as his students call him, fuses decades of “real world” real estate development knowledge, experience and wisdom into an active, action learning methodology.


The “real world” in which we live is full of erroneous and fictitious information and fraudulent intent. Sadly, the ethical business person is an exception in today's business environment. Richie gives clarity as to the interplay between economic, political, legislative policy and the effects of changing GDP. By gaining awareness of the built in system of how the World works through his teachings, I can navigate the mire more accurately.


To be personally mentored by Richie is a once in a lifetime opportunity that only a few people worldwide get the privilege to experience. I am humbled for placement into The REDI Foundation’s Mentoring – Certification program. Bring enthusiasm and sincerity, work hard on all assignments and exams, and he will change your life. That is what Mr. Abraham has done for me.


I view the REDI Foundation and Mr. Abraham’s real estate development certification (C-RED) and private mentoring program as the best real estate development program in the world. Please remember “good grades are just the beginning” they guarantee nothing. I would not have attained the results I have without Mr. Abraham’s extraordinary teaching and mentoring.


They say the measure of a true entrepreneur is that if they lose everything they rebuild. I lost everything. In 2014, I ran directly into what Mr. Abraham would describe as “Random Irony” or “what can go wrong will go wrong.” Because of being too trusting I lost every cent I had and was $19,863 in the red. I had no money, no job and no car. I was living in a back-packer’s hostel with my iPhone and laptop.


Mr. Abraham leads with clarity, honesty and straightforward, candid response. Mr. Abraham inspires me for all that he is and all that he gives to the world in this his final chapter of life.


I view my time with Mr. Abraham and the REDI Foundation as an investment, not a cost. I needed to understand how to put together, professionally package and present joint venture developments in a way that has investors jumping at me. No academic development program on earth delivers what, Mr. Abraham has delivered to me as he promised he would.


In respect of the Mr. Abraham’s and the REDI Foundation’s tuition fee versus an academic Masters program. I am distinctly qualified to answer this question, but you do the math. I hold an MBA (Distinction) from my countries top business school, graduated from memory 4th in my year of 120 students with the equivalent of a 3.92GPA. My business school holds all of the accreditations of the top North American Ivy League business schools. i.e., Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT…etc  While, they are two very different programs; I view my MBA as both complimentary and foundational to what I am about to complete with Mr Abraham and the REDI Foundation. Ask yourself; which program will change your life? Half of $3,282,126 is $1,641,063, and I haven’t mentioned the two other developments I am working on. Mr. Abraham and the REDI Foundation are the hands down winners. There isn’t enough room on the REDI Website to list all the benefits of the REDI program. Mr. Abraham’s certification and mentoring program is unique worldwide. It is the world’s top real estate development program for many reasons. If you want to change your life, take control of your future it is the only program to consider. Believe me, I looked at all the programs, and as you now know, it took me a couple of years to get in the position to apply.


Mr. Abraham teaches his students to be “soulful warriors that never let go of the string.” Never let go of the string is Mr. Abraham’s term for never ever giving up.


I now have the skills to take complete control of my future and the future of my two children. I can put together developments in and from anywhere in the world with total confidence. I can structure the most comprehensive and sophisticated financial feasibility, undertake in-depth market research and market analysis reducing development and investor risk while delivering a best financial result. I am engaging with sophisticated and intelligent professionals from tier one companies and from a platform of mutual respect and competence.


I now possess a skill set that very few people in the world have. The most sophisticated and comprehensive financial feasibility expertise underpinned by the before mentioned real estate development specific market research and market analysis skills. Only 1 percent of developers worldwide possess my financial feasibility skills. I am valuable. Mr. Abraham gave these gifts to me.


The biggest myth surrounding real estate development is that you need to have a lot of money. That is not the case. It does help but trust me you can do it with no money. You need to be talented, hard working, master the development skills and carry yourself with confidence.


My final message to all prospective future students of Mr. Abraham worldwide: always be the hardest working person in the room, bring enthusiasm and sincerity, deliver honesty, principle and integrity to all that you do.

Richie changed my life, and he will change yours."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        - Peter S.

Founded: 1973