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Founded: 1973


Richard Michael Abraham – A Man in the Forefront of a

World Movement in Real Estate Development Education

john d. lusk, a major california development firm attended redi’s seminar three times as a guest speaker and then founded the usc price real estate development master’s degree program.


richard michael abraham founded the redi foundation presenting the world’s first real estate development course seminar.



george slye of spaulding & slye, a major massachusetts development firm, attended redi’s seminar as a guest speaker. his partner, hank spaulding and mit requested and received permission to audit mr. abraham’s seminar. hank spaulding then founded the mit real estate development master’s degree program.

Richard Michael Abraham, real estate developer, innovator and visionary creates the Real Estate Development Mentoring - Certification Program so that he can provide One-On-One Mentoring to students Worldwide. He revolutionizes high level education by combining the polarities of the Internet with personal, individualized One-On-One Mentoring. He's right by the student's side anywhere in the World 24/7, in real time.