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Posted February 2, 2017

In general, in highly competitive and advanced real estate development markets like the United States, Real Estate Development and Land Development follow the advanced and evolved Marketing Perspective.


While in Countries like India, all of Asia and the Middle East, and parts of Africa the traditional approach of selecting a parcel of land or property for a predetermined development use is formulaic and based on historic habits or norms i.e. what type of development use that worked before will work now.


As a result, in India, all of Asia and the Middle East, and parts of Africa etc. a parcel of land or property goes directly to Engineering to develop and build a specific development – with little thought given to the Marketing Perspective of highest and best use. More and more each year, these predetermined developments fail or produce minimal profits and low IRR.


To the contrary, in the U.S., the new breed of real estate developers are using the REDI Foundation’s approach to developing real estate and land - based strictly on practical and calculated, almost risk free Marketing Perspective to conduct Value Generator Analysis to pinpoint the precise and highest and best use development on any parcel of land and real estate decided by market demand. The concept is simple - no development can succeed without market demand. The Value Generator Analysis allows the developer to determine exacting market demand.


The lion’s share of successful real estate developers in the U.S. over the years have come to follow the REDI Method, and experience 20%-30% higher returns, yields, IRR and profits on the very same parcel of land or real estate.


Presently, more and more astute real estate developers, land developers, land and property owners in India, all of Asia and the Middle East and parts of Africa are applying and enrolling in the REDI Real Estate Development Mentoring - Certification Program to start by mastering the REDI Foundation’s Marketing Perspective approach to real estate development. Since 1973, it has become widely known and respected as the REDI Method.


The concept is taught in the first Chapter of the 800-page Course Materials and in a manner easy to understand and employ in the Real Estate Development Mentoring – Certification Program authored and Mentored since 1973 by Richard Michael Abraham.

The REDI Foundation through its international research has selected the following areas globally as the most sound areas of real estate development for 2017:


  • Texas
  • California
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Ontario, Canada
  • Ottawa, Canada
  • Massachusetts
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Virginia
  • Calgary, Canada
  • Baltimore
  • South Africa
  • Indianapolis
  • Seattle
  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Minneapolis
  • Charlotte
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Denver
  • Detroit
  • Nashville
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix
  • Hawaii

Another REDI Student Starts Construction on major Joint Venture Development



16 months ago, Mike Tarcica earned his C-RED Certification. His Developer/Mentor, Richard Michael Abraham, instructed him to meet with landowners. One of the landowners was so impressed with the Market/Feasibility/Joint Venture Study that Mike had completed for his Course project agreed to put his $2,500,000 parcel of land into the Joint Venture and to give Mike 46% equity ownership participation in the development. Applying the skills learned in the Course, Mike negotiated a subordination of the land to a $12,000,000 lender construction credit line. As taught, Mike took the project through all planning board approvals for a 170 unit residential community. He has pre-sold the first phase and is now commencing with construction. No investor capital was needed. Mike's projected three-year profit exceeds $3,000,000. Mike has now entered into other Joint Ventures. Mike had no prior real estate development experience before enrolling in The REDI Foundation’s Course/Program.


“I did exactly what Mr. Abraham taught me. I couldn't have imagined this success before I took the REDI Foundation’s Course/Program.


The REDI Foundation is the most practical, tried and tested real estate development course. The course has the perfect balance between Assignments, fieldwork, mentoring, exams, real stories from a successful developer, and mastering the mindset you need to succeed. After going through the course, I now possess the knowledge and the confidence, not only to develop on my own land with my own money, but also to get investor and landowner joint venture partners and create a very successful real estate development firm. By far, the most important part, of course, is the one-on-one, private mentoring. Mr. Abraham’s mentoring, input and suggestions are invaluable, and really give you re-assurance that you are on the right path. I get very excited by all the mentoring responses Mr. Abraham gives me, as well as his frequent articles and thoughts of the day.


I know now that money for my developments will never be an issue, given that I possess the skills to professionally package, present and have investors calling me for my developments. And by mastering Mr. Abraham’s negotiating skills, I am saving 20%-30% on construction bids. Having Mr. Abraham Mentoring me privately is something invaluable, that you cannot find anywhere else. The most important factor, to me, is having the confidence that I have someone like Mr. Abraham with practical experience and success by my side, a mentor with my best interest in mind. Mr. Abraham is very demanding, which is exactly what you need when you want to rise in such a competitive field as real estate development.


Mr. Abraham's all business approach and philosophy has helped me end with idle chat and people fishing in meetings, and has turned me into a true expert in the real estate development field. If you value experience, success, practical knowledge, and private Mentoring, you will instantly realize the value of this course. The tuition price of the course, in my opinion, is a very small fraction of the value you receive, and this is by far the best course I have ever taken in any field in my entire life. I truly recommend this Course to anyone that is seriously thinking of developing land or real estate or wants to become a joint venture developer working with investor capital.” - Mike Tarcica

If you have read the website Course details thoroughly and you want to apply, call 617-235-7244.


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Self- Doubt

Written by Richard Michael Abraham  • Posted February 22, 2016

Self-Doubt makes hope hopeless

Self-Doubt makes possible impossible

Self-Doubt makes dreams wishful thinking

Self-Doubt defeats aspirations

Self-Doubt defends failure

Self-Doubt destroys attainment

Self-Doubt liberates loss

Self-Doubt languishes the spirit

Self-Doubt lingers endlessly

Self-Doubt cripples

Self-Doubt creates nothing

Self-Doubt celebrates losing

Most in this World live in Self-Doubt

Be Unique – Erase All Self-Doubt In You



40-Point Checklist

College & Master Degree Graduates Becoming Real Estate Developers

Written by Richard Michael Abraham  • Posted February 18, 2016

Real estate development has always been the playground of the wealthy. “But not anymore,” according to Richard Michael Abraham.


“When I introduced the 6-Month Real Estate Development Mentoring – Certification Program in 2012, the naysayers said real estate developers were either wealthy or born into the business; they said it would be impossible to mentor professionals (with little or no development experience) to succeed as real estate developers. Well, the impossible is now possible. Entrepreneurial Spirited College Graduates and Master Degree Graduates Worldwide are changing careers and becoming real estate developers. Here are just a sample of recent successful College Graduate REDI Developers,” Mr. Abraham stated.



Tim Wright, developing a $10,000,000, 23-unit luxury apartment building. $3,200,000 Investor Equity Capital raised.


Mike Tarcica, developing a $18,000,000, 170-unit residential housing community. Over $2,500,000 Investor Equity Capital and land subordination raised.


Nandini Garg, developing a million square feet of commercial and niche affordable premium houses in just the first phase, Equity Capital secured.


As Joint Venture Developers, REDI students earn 10%-25% ownership and profits in the development with none of their capital invested. See top students at:


REDI’s new breed of Joint Venture Developers receive one-on-one Mentoring and master the required real estate development skills taught in the Course. Students learn to put together structured joint ventures on residential developments, commercial real estate developments, mixed-use developments, land developments, senior housing, retail developments, and multifamily developments worldwide.


“I mentor my students to be Joint Venture Developers, a new breed of developers. They learn proven skills and methods taught in the Course to find hidden gem developments, professionally package them and structure the feasibility. Then, I teach them a strategy to raise the Investor Equity Capital. They learn a proven business model, step-by-step, and achieve what they’ve always dreamed about but didn’t think possible – they become Joint Venture Developers with a 'real' development ready for investors during the 6-Month program. This is my legacy Course; this is what I leave behind – my students worldwide, trained to control their financial future,” Mr. Abraham added.

What Is The Human Trait – The X-Factor & How To Get It And Succeed

Written by Richard Michael Abraham  • Posted January 20, 2016

My students have all heard that 20% of the World’s people do 80% of the World’s Business Transactions.


The other 80% do not even get into the game.


What makes them win – I call the X-Factor.


What is the X-Factor? In simple terms, those who possess the X-Factor believe in themselves and never quit no matter what the odds are against achieving success.


Why do 20% possess the X-Factor and 80% do not?


It involves belief and conviction in yourself. When things get tough, students with the X-Factor get tougher.


In my life, I have been knocked to the canvass many, many times. There were many times I thought no way can I beat the odds facing me. So many times, the easy road seemed to just quit.


When I was younger, before marriage and my children, I did quit on myself a number of times. I did not believe in myself.


But once married and as my children started coming, I saw instantly that they were completely dependent on me – if I failed – they would live a life in the shadow of my failure.


And so, I was not an X-Factor person as a youngster because I did not believe in or love myself enough.


But I learned fast that I loved my wife and children so much that I could not let them down.

And I changed and became a fierce soulful warrior.


Since then, nothing beats me in the human World – I may not win every time but it’s never because I didn’t try or I just gave up.


For many of my students, to get the X-Factor, the source of your inner strength and determination may not be inside you and may need to be self generated by someone you love more than you love yourself.


Indeed, I cannot even relate to the notion of loving myself – it just doesn’t move me and I would not know how to do it.


In my Course Materials and “Thoughts of the Day” I try my best to fire up the inner self of my students so that somehow it might trigger the X-Factor human trait.


Students who have or gain this X-Factor do extraordinary Course work and developments. They make time to do serious study, assignments, and fieldwork every week and follow my One-One-One Mentoring – for six months. Their lives change and they become real estate developers.


I ask all my students now – find out who you love more than yourself – or find out you do not want to be enslaved in the corporate world anymore – or find out you need and want to control your future. In today’s manufactured economy, there’s no safety net.


Find the core reason in your inner self that will propel you to fight every step of the way in this Course to once and for all get the X-Factor running through your blood.





© Richard Michael Abraham



Written by Richard Michael Abraham  • Posted November 17, 2015

If it was easy to control your future and put together $5,000,000-$25,000,000 Joint Venture Developments and earn 10%-25% equity ownership, everybody would be doing it.


It’s not easy, it’s not meant to be easy, and I did not write an easy 6-Month Real Estate Development Mentoring – Certification Course.


I have put the last chapter of my life into my Legacy Course and to make a difference in the lives of my students.


In my life, I came to understand - nothing comes easy.


The economic environment today has turned on and turned against honest, hardworking entrepreneurial individuals making it impossible for you to rise and control your future. And it’s going to get even much more challenging, and sadly, desperate.


The complete restructuring of wealth accumulation since the 2008 great recession places you at the bottom and gives the wealthy an opportunity to gobble you up.


So many have already been eaten up alive by corruption, FED manipulated interest rates, Wall Street fiasco – a consortium with one goal in mind – help the rich get richer – increase exports, stimulate GDP and then, as a last thought, maybe it will trickle down to average people. It does not trickle down and the governments around the World know that. And in truth, you become the collateral damage.


And so, only you can push that rock to the top of the hill to survive and prosper.


My Course is not just about real estate development knowledge, skills and wisdom, it’s about preparing you to fight harder than you every fought in your life.


The Course requirements are not created to be easy or to give you a false sense of success. I wrote this Course to also teach you that you need to push much harder than ever before - to break down and smash the tendency to cling to mediocrity and to strengthen your backbone so nobody would or could ever stand in your way or prevent you from succeeding.


So, whenever the thought crosses your mind that you can’t do this Course, or it’s too hard, do not give in to that notion. I say to you, “kill it”, and destroy any thought of quitting. Complete it – even if you’re not a top student, complete it and you will be a changed person.


When you finish all requirements of this Course, you will understand why I’m fighting for you, and you will finally see the new you – ready to push that rock up to the top of the hill and gleefully smile watching it roll down the other side of the hill taking you on the new landscape of empowerment and success.





© Richard Michael Abraham


Breaking the myth - mentoring professionals with little or no real estate development experience to develop multi-million dollar developments worldwide with none of their capital invested.


Written by Richard Michael Abraham  • Posted July 1, 2015

Richard Michael Abraham Spearheading Worldwide Real Estate Development Investment Opportunities For Astute Investors


Sooner or later, everyone reaches a point in their lives when they want to leave something behind more significant than their memory. For me, I chose to empty my brain of all my life’s knowledge, wisdom and experience in real estate development with a goal of teaching and personally and privately Mentoring 500 accepted students.


When I made this promise as my Legacy Course in 2011, everyone thought it would be an impossible task to turn hardworking, intelligent entrepreneurial students (with no experience or capital) into successful real estate developers.


Four years later, I am blessed with certification graduates and Alumni across the World - changing the landscape of this earth with their real estate, land and property developments.


Something wonderful takes over when I work closely and Mentor my students for six months. We become much more than friends. Their cause, of not just learning how to develop property, but actual creating a successful real estate development becomes my cause.  I want my students to succeed in this effort just as much as if they were my own son or daughter. We bond like one.


All my students represent a new human breed. They have witnessed the demise of opportunity for emerging entrepreneurs in this World.  They inherently possess a passion for developing real estate – becoming “real” real estate developers, are willing to work hard - and deep inside they quickly recognize it will take a 6-Month, intensive paradigm shift and “in the trenches” Course/Program (with no theory) immersed in real estate development Course work, assignments and private Mentoring.


It was once called the American Dream and slowly during the past 30 years that dream has eroded. Today, there are few opportunities for my breed of students. And so, together, we work hard for six months to reactivate that dream in real estate development specifically not only in the United States but Worldwide.


And, my students, following all the steps of the 6-Month Real Estate Development Mentoring-Certification Course put together incomparable developments ranging is size from $5,000,000 - $50,000,000 projects.


And so now, it’s time for me to step up to the plate again and try to accomplish another “they say impossible” task – to mobilize astute real estate investors Worldwide and allow them to join my efforts and to gain access to extraordinary equity real estate development investment opportunities in my student’s developments.


Stay tuned and keep your eye on the news – I’m ready for my final challenge and vision. I will now do everything possible to provide a little more help for my friends – my students.




© Richard Michael Abraham