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The nuts and bolts of successful real estate development and land development in every Country are exactly the same.


The REDI Foundation, a U.S. Educational Foundation has taught entrepreneurial students across the World to become very successful developers.


Below are some of our recent International Students:


Over 40,000 attended The REDI Foundation's Real Estate Development Seminars Worldwide or purchased the Self Study Course. In 2012, The REDI Foundation launched this unparalleled private Mentoring and project based program.



Costa Rica

One of our recent graduates, Mike T. from Costa Rica  (who has never developed property before) tells his story. Read how Richard Michael Abraham and The REDI Foundation are changing the lives of students. " I closed the deal with my housing project. I ended up with a 46.5% share in the company. It's a $17,000,000 million project. My goal is to do 2-3 more deals like this next year. And I graduated REDI’s Real Estate Development Program just one year ago. I always wanted to be a real estate developer but did not know where to start. Everyone told me it would be impossible since I did not have lots of money. I enrolled in The REDI Foundation’s 6-Month Mentoring-Certification Program. My first Joint Venture development, my 22-unit Condominium building is now funded and we break ground in two months. My second Joint Venture development is 170 single-family homes and I’ve secured funding and lender financing. As taught in the Course, I negotiated the $2,500,000 land site as equity in the development. My third Joint Venture development I’m working on is a 36-unit Condominium building. In all my developments, I have between a 30%-50% equity position with no capital invested. Landowners and investors want to work with me now because of my expertise learned in the Course. I’m getting closer to my goal of developing 200 residential units per year. All I did to put together these Joint Venture developments was exactly what Richard Michael Abraham had taught me. I couldn't have imagined this before I enrolled the REDI Foundation’s Course/Program. I know now that money for my developments will never be an issue, given that I possess the skills to professionally package, present and have investors calling me for my developments. Having Mr. Abraham mentor you privately is something invaluable, that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. The most important factor, to me, is having the confidence that I have someone like Mr. Abraham with practical experience and success by my side, a mentor with my best interest in mind."


Mike T.

South Africa

I chose the REDI Foundation's 6-month Course for the invaluable opportunity to be personally mentored by Mr. Richard Michael Abraham, the extensive material which is recognized as the world's most comprehensive real estate development Course and all of that combined with very competitive tuition fees.




Dr. William E.


I chose The REDI Foundation's 6-Month Real Estate Development Mentoring - Certification Course because it is the most comprehensive development program available. I spend several months looking for a certificate that could really help me reach my goal of putting together large real estate developments that multiple investors can benefit from and where I can earn equity. Having Richard Michael Abraham with years of experience mentoring me and guiding me through the process, was decisive for me to make the final decision


Dr. Johany H.

Perth, Australia

Choosing the REDI Foundation’s Program was a ‘no-brainer’. All the postgraduate degrees in property development that I researched were expensive and steeped in theory. The REDI Foundation’s Program is the only hands-on Program. Its cost is more than reasonable, especially when considering that all accepted students are taught practical real estate development skills under the personal coaching of Richard Michael Abraham.

Jordan M.


I've had an amazing opportunity to start, build, and grow a number of businesses in the construction and renewable energy space in Alberta, Canada. Realizing I had a great first-hand knowledge of the construction sector, I knew the Real Estate Development Process and the nuts-and-bolts of it had quite a few gaps. I knew I needed to be bridged; no academic institutions anywhere in the world could provide the necessary real life experience and feedback of lessons learned. That is, until I came across the REDI Foundation and Richard Michael Abraham - A truly accomplished developer with the humbleness to share his knowledge and provide one-on-one mentoring. Truly an opportunity of a lifetime!

Alex P..

New Zealand

I wanted a world class nuts and bolts in the trenches development program that was project focused with real course deliverables. Not, an academic course. I needed a course that incorporated joint venture structuring for reasons of market penetration, and I wanted to be privately mentored one-on-one by Mr Richard Michael Abraham.


Peter S.


Until I discovered REDI, all I could find were costly theoretical postgraduate University programs. Then I found the REDI Foundation's 6-month real estate development Mentoring - Certification program with its unique and practical education approach that cost a fraction of those University programs. Being privately mentored and guided by Mr. Richard Michael Abraham is priceless.

Dumar J.

Dubai, UAE

I looked around for the most effective and practical education and training source designed to master the real estate development process and business.  I chose the REDI Foundation’s six months mentoring Real Estate Development Coaching -Certification Program because it is structured around real life experience and not theory. In addition, first hand training and mentoring directly from Richard Michael Abraham brings true value to this Program.

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ahmad K.


I chose The REDI Foundation's 6-month Real Estate Development Coaching - Certification program because of its practical education. To step away from other educational programs that are solely theoretical, and with REDI, to actually be able to apply what I learn into a Joint Venture Development is the perfect way to learn. Plus the opportunity to be privately mentored and guided by Richard Michael Abraham is a true privilege.

Dom S.


I have chosen to apply and enroll in The REDI Foundation Real Estate Development Course for two very distinct reasons: First the Course is very comprehensive, covering all aspects of real estate and land development in detail. And second but more importantly because Mr. Richard Michael Abraham will be mentoring me One-On-One. After having read the entire website I could sense how passionate Mr. Abraham is since he authored the Course Materials and created The REDI Method. If you are going to learn any skill in life you have to find someone who is not only passionate about teaching it, but demands that you are passionate and hard-working - applying your best effort. I thank Mr. Abraham and The REDI Foundation for giving me the opportunity to take this Course.


Zahir. O.

Paris, France

I choseᅠ The REDI Foundation's 6-Month Mentoring Real Estate Development Certification Courseᅠ because to be successful in any field, you need to take active steps to achieve your goal. There's no shortcut to success. This 6-Month private Mentoring Course will show me the correct steps and provide the knowledge - together with life lessons in real estate and property development.ᅠ The REDI Foundation's 6-Month Real Estate Development Mentoring - Certification Course ᅠallows me to be 200% focused. Give a man a fish, he eats for a day - Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. Having Richard Michael Abraham as my mentor - I am given my opportunity to be successful in my first project.


Marc P.


I am interested in Real Estate Development because it is a profession that offers huge opportunities for personal development, freedom and creativity. I chose The REDI Foundation's Real Estate Development course because I was impressed with the curriculum and reviews from past students. I wanted to learn how to find development opportunities, do feasibility studies, structure joint ventures and attract investors. I was particular interested in mastering the 'Value Generator Method' and also liked that the REDI Method is structured to teach professionals the skills and knowledge necessary to be credible with investors in order to gain equity in a project with no capital invested.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Henrik L.

Sri Lanka

I chose the REDI Foundation since Mr. Richard Michael Abraham had started this amazing foundation and was so amazing himself to give of his very valuable time to teach and mentor his students. The REDI Foundation is also the first and best of it’s kind, with Mr. Abraham being the first to make such great education available to our world. And he chose me to be part of his legacy and dreams, and his knowledge, leadership skills and experience gave me all the confidence in the world to continue on my path in real estate development and achieve my goals of success. The set of skills he taught me are very unique and can’t be compared to anything else in our world.

Paul M.

Limbe, Cameroon

I chose The REDI Foundation’s 6-Month Mentoring Real Estate Development Certification Course because the program is all-inclusive with Richard Michael Abraham, a knowledge master as my advisor.ᅠ It feels like an apprenticeship jammed with information beyond a 2-year masters program.ᅠ I reviewed a lot of other programs and REDI’s Course/Program is the most comprehensive.

Susannah H.

Maputo, Mozambique

I chose The REDI Foundation’s 6-Month Mentoring Real Estate Development Certification Course because I wanted to learn a proven successful method to developing real estate that I can use throughout my career. I wanted to learn and understand the process of Market Analysis, Financial Feasibility and Structuring Joint Ventures. The REDI Foundation, with the hands on approach and personal coaching provided by Richard Michael Abraham is helping me tremendously to put together a doable, in demand and feasible real estate development in Pemba Mozambique.

Brian S.

Halifax, Canada

I chose The REDI Foundation’s 6-Month Mentoring Real Estate Development Certification Course because REDI’s Course is hands-on, practical and culminated in my actual $12,000,000 development as opposed to merely theory or University classroom graduate programs. I’ve had the privilege of getting an MBA from one of the top business schools out there, consulting Fortune 500 companies, and having lunch with Warren Buffett. But I have to admit with Mr. Abraham as my mentor, I have obtained the most practical and invaluable hands-on education than I’ve ever received in my life.

Mark B.

Hong Kong, China

I chose The REDI Foundation’s 6-Month Mentoring Real Estate Development Certification Course because REDI’s Course represents the hands-on approach of learning. It fits me perfectly.  Mr. Abraham has a wealth of knowledge and a passion for his students. This is exactly where I need to be.

Agnes L.

New Delhi, India

I chose The REDI Foundation’s 6-Month Real Estate Development Coaching & Certification Course because during my online research I could see the Course was tailor-made for me, its presentation of in the trenches knowledge of planning and bringing about a flourishing development is commendable. This Course makes all the other theoretical courses seem futile to even think about if you really want to develop real estate.

Nandini G.

Swinden, England

I chose The REDI Foundation’s 6-Month Real Estate Development Coaching & Certification Course because this really is the greatest and most unique Course in the world. I would add that this is the only program of any type where I’m getting true value for my tuition (far more than my MBA There is ‘nothing else’ out there currently to genuinely help novice developers get the skills needed to make a start in this business.

Paul M.

Nishinomiya, Japan

I chose The REDI Foundation’s 6-Month Real Estate Development Coaching & Certification Course because I like the fact that it’s not a “text-book” approach, but the Course is very uniquely designed with substantial weekly assignments and a personal mentoring relationship with Mr. Abraham. What attracts me the most is that during the Course, I could actually have my own Joint Venture Development packaged. Where else could you get this kind of education?

Sayo H.

South Africa

REDI’s Program offers the knowledge in an action-based course along with a Advisor to teach apprentice/students on a one-on-one basis. I recognized this huge benefit in REDI’s course immediately and realized it was what I needed to succeed in real estate development. Just look at the success stories of students enrolled in this Course!


I was looking for Project-Based Knowledge and Skills in my development career - coupled with Richard Michael Abraham’s experience.  There is no one else out there offering this. You cannot put a price on the knowledge that Mr. Abraham shares.


The REDI Foundation’s Course is the world's leading and most comprehensive Online 6-month real estate development and mentoring-certification course program.


Jonathan D.

Benin, West Africa

I chose The REDI Foundation’s 6-Month Advisory Real Estate Development Certification Course because REDI’s Course program is concentrated and lasts a relatively short time, the affordability of the tuition, the one-on-one mentoring and the program covers everything related to land development and real estate development.

Abdou A.


I chose The REDI Foundation’s 6-Month Real Estate Development Coaching & Certification Course because there is no other program out there where I can learn about real estate developments but actually put together my very own project. I am very excited to be privately mentored by Richard Michael Abraham, his experience and knowledge is like no other.

Moshin M.


I chose to enroll in The REDI Foundation's 6-Month Real Estate Development Mentoring - Certification program for multiple reasons. First, the number of success stories that Richard Michael Abraham has created is a proof that his mentoring works. Second, I understand that in order to become a successful developer, I need to get the best training out there. I am convinced that getting someone like Mr. Abraham as my mentor to show me the ropes, is the best way to minimize risk and increase my chances of success.

Hichem B.

Beirut, Lebanon

I chose the REDI Foundation’s 6-Month Mentoring Real Estate Development Certification Course because the course is simply like no other that I have encountered.  Right away I recognized that the one-on-one coaching style, and the wealth of knowledge Mr. Richard Michael Abraham is sharing with his students to help them put together a doable, in demand and feasible Joint Venture Real Estate development is the best investment I have ever made for my future. Mr. Richard Michael Abraham constantly challenges me and pushes me to excel. In this day and age, you cannot put a price on this type of practical project based education, nor can you find a true mentor that will exercise every effort to see you realize your highest potential, and achieve your goals and dreams.


Samer C.

South Africa

In South Africa, there are some well acclaimed universities that offer highly recognized qualifications but they all offer very theoretical real estate studies. No courses offered a practical and experience based program, whereas the REDI Foundation Course is completely practical. The true practical nature of REDI’s course has helped me tremendously. The most exciting part of this course is the chance to be personally advised and guided by Richard Michael Abraham.  It is very rare in life that someone gets a chance to be mentored by a world-renowned and highly respected developer. It has been an absolute privilege.

Scott M.

Dubai, UAE

I considered doing Masters in Real Estate. I looked at several Universities curriculum to see if I could get some practical knowledge but found no luck. I chose the REDI Foundation Development Program because it provided practical training, which was exactly what I was looking for. The REDI Program offers so much wealth of knowledge that could never be achieved in any Real Estate Master's program.

Sarah N.


I chose the REDI Program because there are many successful student success stories with Richard Michael Abraham. I believe in a successful and enlightening developer/mentor like Mr. Abraham. It is not like some big theory class environment. I have a private “real” developer/mentor.


David C.


The reason I chose I chose REDI C-RED Certification is because it had excellent reviews online. I was also intrigued by being able to develop skills and create and put together my own project within a 6-month period. And, I loved the development work being done by the current students of The REDI Foundation.


Menon R.

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